Wednesday, January 23, 2013

book pages, blueberries and pomegranates...

For those who wanted a closer look... it is!
My wreath was a gift from my daughter-in-law...
who made it after being inspired by 'pinterest'.
I have no idea which tutorial she followed...
but if you check *here* you will find one much like it.
(What I do know is that it took her a very long time!)

 My sister is on the management team of Snowcrest Foods...
a large fruit processor in the valley...
and their website features many interesting (and healthy) fruity recipes.
I decided to try the blueberry granola bars...
which use frozen blueberries. 

I made a few changes...
I decreased the rolled oats and added pecans and sunflower seeds.
They got the thumbs up. 

I was quite happy to see their latest promotion...
I love those crunchy pomegranate morsels in a salad...
but getting them out of the fruit is not always a simple matter!
Snowcrest pomegranate 'seeds' can now be found in the frozen food section
at Costco.
And those my miscellaneous offerings for this Wednesday!


  1. Gonna have to try one of those the way it looks! And the granola bars, too. Great way to use some of those blueberries we picked and put in the freezer last summer. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Admittedly my eyes aren't fully open yet this morning as I thought your link said "Pomegranate Ants". Ha Ha. Arils look so much tastier and a great idea too.
    The wreath is lovely and such a thoughtful gift. The granola bars sound delicious. I must try them. For now, it's time to wake up with a cup of coffee :D.

  3. Very fine offerings indeed! The wreath looks as if it requires the patience of Job. I have admired them for some time now, but not having the patience of Job, have resisted. The blueberry granola bars are so attractively presented and they do sound so yummy.

  4. Talking about taking apart a book in order to make this wreath reminded me of a book I just read last week in which a poor girl was selling a book that meat a lot to her. When a customer felt the pages quite carefully, she wondered about it and found out he was intending to use them to roll his cigars. She was obviously horified!
    Having said that, your wreath is beautiful ( a labor of love) and the pages can still be enjoyed.

  5. Oh there is something inside me that recoils at the thought of using pages of a book for anything other than reading!! But I admit - it's very pretty!!

    Now I'm going to check out your granola bar recipe - I have lots of frozen blueberries. Thanks!

    (oops - just noticed that my link on your sidebar is the old one)

  6. What an amazing creation...though I find it quite difficult to think of a book being cut up (unless it was a horrible one!)

  7. The wreath is very neat...lovin the homemade aspect of it!

    The blueberry bars look yum!

  8. Watched Jamie Oliver tip over the cut pomegranite and give it a sharp tap with a spoon and out they come. Just a thought. Always enjoy your blog

  9. Love the wreath. I've had plans to make one for myself for awhile now.
    The blueberry granola bars sound delicious, and what a beautiful presentation you've made, Judy.
    I just tapped all the seeds out of a pomegranate yesterday - takes time.

  10. I'll have to check and see if those pomegranates are offered at Costco in the states, too. Those granola bars look great wrapped up like that!

  11. The wreath is such a gift of love, and it looks so perfectly done.

    The bars and the way you made them sound so good to me. In fact, do you know how much I would love to have one with my cup of coffee this evening?
    I am happy to know I can buy those pomegranate seeds at my local Costco. Thanks for that tip.

  12. What a creative use of printed words! I hope to make one!
    Wonder how LONG a 'long time' is!!!

  13. I love that wreath!! What a great way to use old book pages! Your granola bars look delicious and lovely. Great miscellaneous musings!!!

  14. That wreath really is a labor of love. Funny...I bought those frozen pomegranates this week! Can't wait to crack open the bag. Maybe now..actually.

  15. I love the book wreath and tho I wouldn't use a good book, I do have a couple of books that are pretty bad that I could use :)
    The granola looks yummy!

  16. Judy I love your wreath, what a great idea. Granola bars look yummo!


  17. The wreath is beautiful and so unique, Judy! Your daughter-in-law did a wonderful job making it for your birthday.

    The granola bars look delightful-- I am a big fan of blueberries!


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