Friday, January 4, 2013

handmade and pinteresting...

Though I am little reluctant to 'pack away Christmas'...
I started yesterday.
In a small way.
Indoors only.

And I took note of a few of gifts...
handmade ones...
that I am not packing away...
but will enjoy throughout the year.

Those white-washed milk bottles that sit on my wee kitchen window sill...
were a gift from Lisa.
She got the idea from pinterest...
and went with it.
So fun.
I love them!

And my sister sent me a personalized calendar.
If you happen to be related to me...
all your important dates are marked on the calendar.
It is hanging in my ensuite...
where I am bound to take note.

A soft and fleecy scarf arrived in the mail at Christmas...
handmade by a dear friend from afar.
A scarf with pockets.
How fun is that?

Way back when...
I got inspired by Vee to make boot cuffs for my girls.
And then Karen was turning out infinity scarves by the dozen...
so I thought I'd try my hand at those as well.

On our road trip in November I crocheted three sets of infinity scarves...
and three sets of boot cuffs.
I couldn't tell you about them at the time though...

...since they were Christmas gifts for these three girls.
 The cuffs fit. 
They look better with boots, though! :)

I sewed all the grandgirlies some nice girlie aprons...
and found a reindeer apron for Ryder...
but Micah was apronless.
just before Christmas...
I quickly sewed him a gingerbread man apron...
with stuff from the scrap bag.
I saw a picture on pinterest...
copied what I saw...
and it turned out cute.
I'm sharing it here now...
in case anyone needs ideas for next Christmas.
By then I will have long forgotten about it.

I packed away my nativity scene yesterday...
along with the handmade Saint Thomas Cross that was part of the display.

The wooden self-standing cross is made by carving pale wood (such as aspen) into paper thin shavings.  
It is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration and came from our friends in Finland.  
There are not many craftsmen left who are able to make the crosses...
and so I treasure mine. 

And that is  my 'handmade and pinteresting' post for today.
Enjoy the first weekend of 2013!


  1. Oh I don't know...the gals could start a whole new fashion trend!

    Just joined Pinterest myself now that they do not require more than an email account. So many ideas; so little time. One of my grands would love the gingerbread man apron. He was just telling me the story.

    How cool to have an already tickled calendar! Those white-washed bottles are very cute. I will have to go looking for that.

    Looks as if a wonderful Christmas was enjoyed by all. Now all that is left to say is Happy New Year!

  2. I love the infinity scarves. They look darling on your girls along with the boot toppers. I can't find boots to fit my large gams so the boot toppers would be no good to me. :) I do know a little boy, perhaps two, that would love that gingerbread apron. I wish I could sew! So many sweet ideas from bloggers and Pinterest. Oh, and that cross is exquisite. Beautiful to have. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love it all Judy!!! Your scarves and cuffs are gorgeous (I have crocheted in the past - just maybe I could do this?). That cross is amazing - what a treasure. Have fun "putting away" - I need to start that this weekend too and seriously reorganize! Might take a trip to Canadian Tire for some new storage bins?

  4. I love all your gifts shown here! Those scarves and book cuffs are great...lovely yarn.

  5. Handmade Christmas gifts mean so much! I'm wondering if the boot cuffs go under or over the boot? And where did you get that pattern for infinity scarves? I need a new knitting project...

  6. Lovely projects, all of them. I made boot cuffs for my daughter-in-law, and now a pair for eldest daughter is on the go. You've been busy. Pinterest is an inspiring place, alright.

  7. to attempt to remember the gingerbread apron thing for about two years. I could make it now, one for Bernie, one for son Jeff and one for Luke but then I would have to hide them for two years and knowing me I will forget where I put them .

    Poor old brain is turning into fluff nowadays.

  8. The time has come for putting things away, to appreciate them more when they come out next year.
    Your Finnish cross is so beautiful.

  9. Ha! I always admire those who follow through on their pinterest pins!! Wonderful gifts you made and that were made for you...

  10. Lovely must crochet a lot faster than I do! My daughter is the "pinterest person", but she is sharing ideas with me and we are enjoying some things together.

  11. I so enjoyed seeing all your special gifts! The aprons are a great idea. I must admit to being a total failure with gifts for my grands. I bomb! The PJ's that seemed to be a good idea a few years ago are not now! I love seeing the happy faces of your beautiful grands!! You are obviously a HIT with them!!

  12. And the St.George's cross is perfect... Mine, also, gets carefully put away every January to become part of the next year's Christmas decorations.

  13. There's a lot of creativity going on over here today. Love Pinterest, so many great ideas. I like the boot cuff idea, never thought about knitting those, thanks for the idea Judy.

    I just started taking down Christmas very slowly today. My trees are staying up for another week though, I just can't bare to take them down yet, we've enjoyed them so much for the past month.

  14. Wow I can see why they won't be packed away. I especially love the white milk bottles!!

    Happy New Year, Hugs!

  15. I'm very impressed with your handiwork! I've never seen the boot cuffs but I know my girls would love them! I wonder if a beginner knitter could manage them? :)

    Happy New year Judy!

  16. Lots of good ideas in this post! I like the idea of a personalised calendar, and I think I know a sister or two who might like one next year!

  17. Is there anything better than receiving a hand made item. Many meaningful gifts that have come to my home from you and I cherish them also. Cute scarves and boot cuffs.

  18. Handmade gifts are always the best! In your case, I think you received and gave some really good ones! I took notes and will save them. The scarves and boot cuffs are such a useful gift, especially in your part of the world. The models you pictured, are beautiful!

    The milk bottles are a perfect gift for you and are displayed in a way that you can have them as a year round vignette. The calender was so thoughtful, and the Susan Branch stickers added the perfect touch.

    Thanks for sharing it all. Loved the little aprons!

  19. Thank you for sharing your 'hand made' gifts. They are special aren't they? in reminding us every time we use them that someone put a little of themselves into the gift.
    I love your handiwork ... especially the little gingerbread apron! Well done!!

  20. The cuffs and scarves look great! Thanks for linking up to my bolg! Have a great day! :)

  21. Hmmm looking for that infinity scarf pattern...I will go take a peek at Pinterest. Love your craftiness.


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