Friday, January 18, 2013

friday's foto wrap-up...

The week is about over...already.
I was just looking through my pictures taken this past week...
and thought I'd post a few favorites.
A bit of this...
and a bit of that!

We had breakfast under this lovely chandelier earlier this week...
at my sis-in-law's table...
in Kelowna.
The chandelier always brings back memories of the many times I sat beneath it over the years...
and enjoyed fine food and the best of company.
It was my mother-in-law's chandelier...
a gift from dad long ago.
First it was in their farm-house.
Then it hung in the dining room of their house in the suburbs.
Then it went with her to her condo.
Martha took ownership and moved it to her dining room.
I've heard say that my niece plans to hang it over her table one day.
I like that...
the the gift of light keeps shining!

The eagles are back in our neighbourhood full force. 

I took this photo from my kitchen window one morning...
of eagles gathering in the tree across the field.
I love to step outside and listen to them  'squeak'...
their way of communicating with one another.

And just outside my kitchen window are the wee birds...
feeding at the free buffet I provide for them.

Here's something we haven't had in a long while...

...huge smooth sheets of ice on our grass fields...
with grands and their friends having a wonderful time out there!

I pass by this wee cemetery often...
and never really 'see it'.
Maybe it was the snow-capped peaks behind it...
that called me to stop and take a picture.
A peaceful picture...
the Tzeachten Cemetery in Chilliwack.

And those are my picks on this winter's day.

Well, let me add one more...
taken yesterday!

in January.

We are loving this weather.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a beautiful chandlier. How nice to think it has been part of your family for a long time, and will continue to be so.
    As for tennis in the snow.......!!

  2. I can tell that you two are a team! =D

    Beautiful chandelier, eagles, cemetery, mountains, and ice skaters. I loved the diversity! Who says that we have to stay on one topic? Thank goodness we don't!

  3. Your eagle header is beautiful - what magnificent birds! I love all your pictures and especially the "fields of ice" one - it brings back a flood of memories of my own childhood ice hockey in the fields days. You and Marg are such a great team!!!

  4. How fun to see little glimpses of your week. That chandelier is gorgeous and the memories attached are priceless.
    Ice skating and tennis in the same week... fabulous.

  5. Wonderful photos Judy. The chandelier is beautiful and a lovely reminder of your in-laws. That would be awesome to see so many eagles in one spot. Love the sheet of ice on the field. What a fun opportunity to get out and skate in the fresh air. And tennis in January is great too. I hope your weekend is as fun. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Jewels, one and all!
    I've purchased a small digital picture frame and have it rotating through hundreds of my favorite photo jewels, both visual and emotion scenes. Your best of the week photos are exactly the sort of photos that would make the cut for adding to a digital jewel box!

  7. A great assortment of photos! Do those crystals have the color in them already or does the light or sun reflect the color?
    Beautiful shot. Love those eagles, sigh. It was January on the way to Harrison that I was treated to seeing so many last year!

  8. I've never seen ice on fields like that before, my kids would have loved it! Here in Kelowna ( the home town of your pretty chrystals ) we will not be playing tennis for awhile, we've had a bit of snow and ice.

  9. Love that kind of pond to skate on. You do not need to worry about breaking through and having to throw a lifeline.

  10. Love the chandy!!
    And the eagles....oh my goodness!

  11. The bits and pieces of your week combine to make a lovely post. We can't complain about the weather here, either!

  12. Thanks Judy, We picked up our rebuilt computer today. Sure was nice to have your here for a visit. Nice to see the pic's of your trip back home. Looks cold in The Fraser Valley. The kids are having a blast skating. Such fun!! Martha

  13. Neat pictures! Amazing that you have eagles so close! One do you have ice on a grass field?

    1. Well, Miss Debbie...we get a lot of rain over here and our fields are often flooded in winter. Every so often we get a frost without snow...and then we can enjoy the ice-ponds.

  14. Well, I love the last photo best of all!
    The eagles are thick in the trees here too - it's that time of year.

  15. That chandelier is beautiful and has so much history following it around. I love the little bird house too....I dont think we get those birds in the UK

  16. Beautiful photos, and I can't even imagine seeing all of those Bald Eagles together in one tree!!!

  17. I don't know where to begin! Your photos are so stunning!! The eagles are beautiful, I just can't imagine seeing that many eagles at one time in one tree, are you kidding me!!! The lighting captured in the chandelier is gorgeous. What a wonderful heirloom passed down from each generation.

  18. I like when a crystal chandelier as beautiful as this old one, can be passed from home to home. What memories it must evoke for you when you see it. I would love to find one similar to it in some antique mall someday. The ice skating reminds me of the times my dad would take us skating each winter. I am sure your grands love having time to skate together. No wonder they are so athletic...look at their skilled grandma on the tennis courts:) Really good pictures!

  19. I love the ice field photo as it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books called "Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates"!

    We arrived in Colorado to zero degree weather--this week it will be in the high 60's low 70's! I'm sure winter is not over but I will enjoy the warmer weather as long as it it lasts!

  20. I love the chandelier! And I am so happy to have the eagles back; I love to watch them.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson