Monday, January 28, 2013

january blues...

January is known as a gloomy old month.
The days are short and grey...
and spring is still far away.
People talk about January blues...
and how to beat them.

My little grandgirlies came for a visit yesterday.

They are a cure for the blues any time of the year!

Lucy  came wearing a blue dress that her mommy wore so long ago...

...and her sister wore, not so long ago!

It was a dress that my mom knit for Heidi more than three decades ago. 
An heirloom to treasure.

We have photos of Maggie in the same dress...
at the same spot.

Two peas from the same pod...
one with more hair.

She's a character...
our little Lucy!

and full of spunk.
And rarely at a loss for words...
at eighteen months.
 If you are suffering from January blues...
you may just need some grands!


  1. An absolutely PERFECT fix to the problem! How could it NOT be? No one can look at these precious pictures without smiling!

  2. Grandchildren have a way of brightening any day, don't they! The dress your mom knitted is gorgeous. It is so cool that multiple generations have worn and appreciated her handwork.

  3. I agree - they're a perfect cure!! And your little grandgirlies are especially cute! Love the heirloom dress.

  4. I agree too Judy and I'm going to get my fix this Saturday when we fly to Alberta to visit our grandsons for 2 weeks. Your little girlies are so sweet and I love the blue knitted dress. It's nice to see that the dress is being worn in a second generation. Precious.

  5. Oh yes - little grands in blue are a sure cure for the January blues. I have a dress or two put aside just in case one of our expected three is a girl. I love the look on Grandpa's face - he is enjoying the visit!

  6. That dress is so beautiful and fits them so well...I thought that you had knitted it at first. It really is a classic and stands up to the test of time. Glad that you had some smiles to overcome the January blues.

  7. The perfect remedy for sure!!! SO adorable those little angels are and the dress is sweet too.

  8. I agree the grands are a cure all.


  9. Oh so cute! I love that you took pictures of each of them at the same spot wearing the dress! Love it...

  10. What glorious photos, and what beautiful little girls. A day brightener for sure! :0)

  11. Yes, they make any day better!! Love the dress. Our Little E has some of her mom's dresses, too.

  12. Judy, my grand daughter will be born next week by c-section! I can't wait to meet her.
    Your two little charmers are so adorable and that blue dress is just precious. Both Maggie and Lucy looked beautiful in it. I can't believe how big Lucy looks already!

  13. What a sweetie! Sadly my grandkids are way beyond that winsome age!

  14. Both of the girls' outfits are darling!

  15. Loving that rich heritage of blue...especially when you know who has made them.
    I wonder where those gals get their seems to run in the family.

  16. Oh my she is a little dolly! I love her button nose an rosy cheeks. The dress is such a treasure and how wonderful that it is appreciated. You have very sweet grandgirls.

  17. This is such a sweet post! My blues left me, thanks to you and these dear pictures. Your heart must be overflowing with joy. So cute!

  18. Darling! That dress is so sweet...and your mom would have loved to see it still being admired and used. Glad you had some sunshine come your way in January.

  19. It's like sunshine in your home with those cutie pies! How beautiful! I love the blue dress story too!

  20. The dress is so lovely on both girls. I agree - there's nothing like time with the grands to cheer up a blue day! I'm missing mine as we're away for a short time.

  21. What a little doll and such a lovely dress! I was reading your post on the mailboxes (ours is on the mainland and we take the ferry to pick up the post) and sympathize! The USPS also has strict rules for us islanders and they do not even deliver here!
    The box still brings a few goodies, does it not?!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson