Thursday, March 7, 2013

cars and trucks and things that go...

He loves 'cars and trucks and things that go'.
Like tractors!

And when he is here...
we play with hotwheels and matchbox cars that were once his daddy's.

I had planned to make him a little car caddy for his birthday in fall...
His birthday came and went...
and the fabric lay waiting in the drawer.

Micah came to visit this week...
and while he played with cars...
I sewed up the caddy.

I followed the tutorial for the most part...
but used printed cotton rather than denim fabric.
Since the fabric was lighter in weight...
I backed it with a lightweight quilt batting.

The pockets along one side hold six cars...

...and the caddy folds up into a small pouch which is secured with a velcro band.  
He left happy!

One of his favorite books happens to be...
'Cars and Trucks and Things that Go' by Richard Scarry. used to be his dad's book of choice as well.
I think the appeal of the book is more about finding the elusive goldbug...
than about the cars and trucks, however!

Whether you are on the road or at home...
have a great weekend.


  1. What a brilliant idea and I know from my grandchildren, they always need a little caddy or bag to carry their belongings on a day out

  2. What a great idea! I might try to copy this for my twins. He looks so happy with his gift.

  3. Nice work all around, the saving the toys and the caddy!

  4. Oh I had to do a double pin for this one. Micah is so cute and he sure does look pleased with his gift. Maybe he'll have a real "caddy" one day.

    Trying again last comment is still tied up in cyber space. Hope that they don't all come through! Some of them might not have been appropriate.

  5. We love Richard Scarry books! That car caddy is fabulous!

  6. How adorable - both caddy and boy!! So cute. You did a great job on this. I am currently trying to make a jewellery tote from a tutorial I found online and it's not going so well - it has zippers - ugh!!! Can you tell I'm not a great sewer?

  7. This is great idea. It's similar to one my mom made me years ago for maps. It rolled up and was tied with seam binding tape. We still have it in the car.
    I can see your Micah is pretty pleased with his gift.

  8. What a great idea! Your grandson looks really pleased with his new car caddy and I'm sure he'll enjoy carrying it around on his visits. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. What a cute caddy and boy. I think I have something similar pinned on my boards. That book was a favourite in our family, too - of boy and girls.

  10. What a special treat made just for him by Grammy! I have afew little guys here who would like that but, sad to say, this Grammy does not sew.

  11. Great idea! Our grandboy loves his cars and trucks, too. He will play with other things for a while, but he always goes back to his vehicles...just like his dad!

  12. You are so talented!! Love the little car caddy, the fabric is great!
    A great reminder he will always have of his Gram :-)


  13. That was also my son's favorite books, and is also his two sons favorites! We used to try to skip through some lines when we read it to my son as a child, as he wanted it read every night for a long time. Since he knew it by heart, he always corrected!

    The car carrier you made for your grandson is very stylish and I couls see it made him very happy!

  14. I love this car caddy - a little guy like your grandson can't go anywhere without his little cars. I'll have to take a peek for the instructions on Pinterest and hope i don't get distracted by some other's addicting!

  15. I like that would be perfect for my knitting needles. You will never run out of ideas...but how wonderful for this little grandson to have everything in order.


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