Monday, March 4, 2013

shanghai ~ the good-bye cruise

Our stay in China ended where it began...
in Shanghai.
We spent our last evening on a night cruise on the Huang Pu River.  

 It was a totally different view of the stately buildings and multi-national architecture of the Bund...
than we had seen in the daytime.

 We had perfect weather that evening...
and spent a good deal of time out on the deck...

...where the camera crowd hangs out!

The rest of the cruise passengers watched the lights from inside the ship.

Though most all of these were tourists...
we (our tour group) were the only Caucasians on board.

We were in good company out on the river at night...

...but all the boats were easy to spot!
It was one big light show.

The Pudong...
east bank skyline with the towering Pearl tower.
This area is all new buildings.

Across the river...
on the west bank is the famous Bund...
with all its old historic buildings.


the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
Where I come from ICBC means Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

Our light tour of Shanghai was the perfect finale to our time in China.

In the morning we would be boarding the plane for home...

...and saying farewell to this wonderful group of people with whom we had spent the past week.

I am hoping we will meet up again sometime.
We really miss our little 'girl in pink'!

And so ends the Amazing Shanghai Plus Tour...
as it was billed. 

An adventure...
a once-in-a-lifetime experience we were glad to be a part of!


  1. It really was a great adventure. Glad I could see it from your lens!

  2. You will have so many memories to share of a wonderful experience. Your photos have really brought China alive for us.

  3. Amazing pictures Judy - the night skyline is so beautiful! What a trip that was.

  4. Truly beautiful lights and all looks rather magical. Thank you for sharing the trip with us!

  5. So much color!
    Glad your travels went so well and were so enjoyable!

  6. I enjoyed my travels with you all! The night photos are really amazing, such beautiful color against a dark sky. I love harbor cruising, need to try one at night!
    How blessed you are to travel and live life like you do!


  7. Wow, that is really spectacular Judy. What a sight to see all those beautiful buildings and boats all lit up at night. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip with us. I enjoyed it very much! Pamela

  8. Totally cool...figuratively and literally, judging by the thick winter jackets that everyone is wearing!

  9. What a great virtual tour for us armchair travelers. Thanks for taking us along Judy. China seems more familiar now.

  10. I've really enjoyed this tour via computer. Thanks for going! What beautiful lights are visible from the boat. Glad it was good weather for that last cruise.

  11. The river and the lights are lovely! Glad you had such a good time!

  12. I feel like I should pay you for this photo tour of China, and I get to sit here with my cup of coffee, and find myself totally amazed at it all. The lights of the city and the city architecture are so beautiful! This has been a most interesting set of blog posts. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  13. What a beautiful skyline of archticture and lighting! I have never heard o fthe Pearl tower. So unique! Thanks for the tour! It went so fast!

  14. It certainly was an amazing opportunity and wonderful adventure! This was really the trip of a lifetime!


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