Friday, March 1, 2013

wrapping it up ~ friday...

I'm leaving my China finale for next week...
and wrapping things up with a few of  the happenings of this past week.

The crows have been hanging around all week.

The grands have come and gone.
We played Canada Monopoly with them...
to be continued at a future date.

My grand daughter tried on my new slippers...
and thought they were meant for her.
They were a gift from my knitting and tinking friend...
so I'm afraid I won't be parting with them any time soon.

We 'jumped the gun' on the Easter fare over here...
and had paska buns while the grands were over.
They each decorated their own.

Also this week...
we had the privilege of attending a 'farming expo' sponsored by our bank...
and featuring all locally grown and produced products.

We came hungry...
and left satisfied!

Veggies, preserves, ethnic foods...
and a sampling of meats from Lepp Farm Market.
Did I tell you that I like that place?

We already know from past experience that you never go home empty handed.
I will enjoy my orchids in the months to come!

Sunshine and clouds...
rain and wind...
we've had it all this week.
And the best way to end...
a rainbow!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Rainbow sprinkles and real rainbows!
    Nice week!

  2. Rainbows all over the place...even the orchids look like rainbows...everything...well, not the crows so much, but even they have many colors when caught in the sun. I'd love to visit Lepp's.

  3. I'm in love with the slippers. If I knew how, I'd churn out a new pair every couple of weeks. Love.
    Beautiful rainbow! Delightful activities!

  4. Especially loved the photo of the rainbow....great shot!
    The slippers were a close second :-)

  5. Beautiful rainbow photo Judy. A great way to end the week with a promise. The market looks wonderful and the orchids are so bright and cheerful. Enjoy the weekend. Pamela

  6. Such a beautiful post to send us off on our Friday! Loved your week! The rainbow photo was a nice finish!!

  7. Perfect wrap up!!! Beautiful pictures. Someday I would love to visit Lepp Farm Market - those orchids are beautiful and it looks like a successful farming expo!

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  9. Wonderful wrap up of your week! Love the rainbow!

  10. What a great week, and I'm happy that I could participate in some of those events. The rainbow would of been nicer if we could of ended it off with a game of tennis.

  11. Hah...missed the farming looked like fun.
    OH that rainbow is so pretty and I am sure glad that rainbows are always a promise from God.
    And now...I am hungry for paska.

  12. Looks like great fun. Love the slippers and the buns:) I wouldnt be parting with those either! I love orchids too.

  13. The farm expo with lots of good food and flowers, sounds like a fun way to spend the day, but then the fact that you can come home to those comfy looking slippers...what could be better? Oh, maybe playing Monopoly with the grands while eating some warm paska with sprinkles:) A rainbow is always a highlight of any of my weeks, reminding me of God's amazing promises.

  14. Thanks for the peek into your week, Judy! I can hardly believe it's almost Paska time!

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  16. I love that pretty rainbow, Judy! I hope you had a good weekend!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson