Monday, March 18, 2013

the green, green grass of home...

 Just minutes ago...
I went out and took a photo of the lush green pasture behind our house.

After a week of  heavy rains and grey skies...
the sun came out and brightened things up.

 My brother, two nephews and a niece returned to Iowa today...
after spending five days here.

They left before the sunshine arrived.
Sorry about that! 

We had some good times without sunshine though.
I'll fill you in on some of those another time.

My 'prairie sister' is here for another few days...
and so we are making the most of her visit...
visiting wool shops and quilt shops and such.

The lawns are need of another mowing.
The first blooms of spring have sprung.

And the Christmas angels are singing their choruses among the heathers.

Somehow fitting...
as I hear Handel's Messiah playing through the speakers.

 Hubby is practising the bass part for a Good Friday choral performance of Handel's Messiah in our community.

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!


  1. Your home is so beautiful, Judy! It is good to see that green grass and the budding flowers as I know it will soon be doing the same here. We could use the rain, however. Colorado is offically in a drought as it did not get enough snow again this winter.

  2. I love your home and the gardens in their lush beauty. This time of year with the stormy skies are almost my favorite.

  3. What a treat for your family members to spend time with you. Your grass, flowers and bushes are ahead of ours in their growth. Your home has the most beautiful setting!

  4. What a gorgeous Hellebore against the blue crocus. Gardens are beginning to be filled with colour here too.

  5. Oh your Lenten Rose is so pretty. I've fallen in love with that plant this year. A week of rain when you had company certainly wasn't ideal for anyone, but how beautiful the green grass. Our fields are lily white and will be covered with two feet of snow by tomorrow morning. Ugh. It is becoming most unwelcome.

  6. Absolutely beautiful - took my breath away Judy! We like Vee are still having Winter with freezing rain, high winds, snow and such. Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

  7. Amazing coincidence: 'The Green, Gren Grass of Home' and 'Handel's Messiah' mentioned in the same post (the first is my favourite, the second is hubby's).
    You have a lovely home and I am very envious of the abundant heather. Ours albeit 'guaranteed' deer proof is NOT!
    Thanks for sharing a little of your corner of the world and God Bless,

  8. This is a lush time of year - the grass grows faster than ever, the flowers seem to burst out of the earth like the music from your speakers. Hooray for spring!

  9. Glad you had a nice visit and are continuing to have one with your sister. We had as storm last night but beautiful sunshine and blue skies today! Your heather is lovely!

  10. You have a very beautiful home and it just glows in the setting sun. The grass looks so lush and green and the flowers are beautiful. I'm glad you are enjoying your family visits. Happy Spring to you! Pamela

  11. beautiful to see spring at your house. Where did you say you live? I think I am stuck in winter mode out here...
    You got the sun just at the right time. Beautiful photos.

  12. Aw.. the green, green grass of home! I'm sure your family guests felt right at home there too!

  13. So beautiful Judy. Love your scenes around your front porch and the photo of your home sitting in the midst of the first plushness of Spring. As we drove up to the house yesterday I noticed right away that the lawn needs it's first Spring mowing!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson