Friday, March 15, 2013

chilliwack...a cash mob story

Chilliwack made the news again last week...
when it was revealed that two of the ethnic restaurants in our town had received racist e-mails. 

While the RCMP were investigating a possible hate crime...
the community as a whole rallied around the targeted businesses.

A 'cash mob' was organized by several local residents...
an initiative that encouraged locals to flood the two targeted restaurants with their business last Friday.
And they did!

Between the Bay Leaf and Shandhar Hut...
an estimated 1,500 people dined on Indian Food in Chilliwack last Friday.
That number is simply amazing and way beyond what the organizers had hoped for.  
In the end it turned out to be a 'good news' story.

  We have eaten at the Shandar Hut in the past...
and have always enjoyed the food and the wonderful people that prepare and serve it.
We hope to dine there again in the future.
We wish both targeted establishments all the best!

My brother is visiting from Iowa this weekend.
He has fond memories of his favorite ethnic restaurant in this town from his childhood.
has served Chilliwack for over 100 years.
Originally they were located in the  historic Royal Hotel...
the one I told you about in yesterday's post.
We will be paying them a visit this weekend...
for 'old times sake'.

Have a great weekend...


  1. I think it's sad that these things are happening to certain ethnic businesses but, it's great to know that the community has rallied around them to offer them support. We had Chinese food the last time we were in Chilliwack but I don't remember if that was the same restaurant you mentioned. I do know they had excellent ginger chicken though. Yum! Pamela

  2. What a wonderful rallying of support! I'm not in the least surprised that you would be in that number. It must have been a great blessing for both those restaurants and proves that what was meant for evil can turn to good.

  3. How wonderful for the community to rally like this!!! Good for you turning this story into good news. The food looks absolutely delicious as well.

  4. I saw that news item and thought 'hurrah for the decent people of Chilliwack - and the kind and generous and real people of Chilliwack!' Kindness and generosity will trump meanness and racism every time!

  5. I saw this on Facebook and thought, "Good idea!" How important to show support to those who enrich our community.

  6. That sounds as though the local folk really stood by and supported them.

  7. I LOVE hearing stories like this! It makes me think there is hope in this crazy world! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Such a great good news story. I also have very fond memories of visiting Canton Gardens with Terry's grandparents whole family. I wish I had known then how much I loved doing that.

  9. I'm glad that a bad news item turned into a good news item, Judy! The food looks very good! I always enjoy trying new cuisines and I like Indian food, among many others.

    Have a woderful weekend!

  10. What a great response! I know the owners were encouraged and grateful! Sad about the theater. We had an old one here, but they remodeled it and turned it into a doctor's offices building. Doesn't look anything like a theater, but at least they kept the building. The hotel is lovely...there is one like that in my hometown. About the spoon rack... I had mine in a box to give away and planned to store the spoons,too, when my Hubby said, "It would look nice hanging here over the cabinet." That's when I got the idea to paint it!! My Hubby, the decorator...who would have thought?? ha! ha! Hope you enjoy your visit with your family!

  11. What a horrible event to hear of but with the amazing support and kindness of the good people of Chilliwack the restaurant owners will be so grateful. Perhaps this event will help to mobilize the citizens to continue to support the businesses who are really such a wonderful addition to the community.

  12. That's great that the community came together like that!

  13. Good news stories are hard to come by in today's world. I like this story and loyal people rallied around these restaurants. I hope you all enjoy your dinner and have fun remembering your past visits.

  14. Soon you will have competition with our local 'Times'
    The Shandhar Hut is a wonderful family owned business and our children grew up together playing sports at school. They have hosted superb meals for our local hospital volunteers. What a great supportive community.

  15. Pondside said it best -- and I totally agree. Good for you and the other fine folk in Chilliwack! xoxox


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson