Monday, June 17, 2013

a classic father's day...

My dad doesn't ask for much.  
But several weeks ago he made a request.
There was to be a BBQ and vintage car show at Garden Park Tower on Father's Day...
and he wondered if maybe we could come...
and bring the old Monarch.

 We would do our best to make it happen...of course!

But the Monarch has left us stranded on occasion...

...and so we decided it might be better to tow it to Abbotsford instead of driving it.

Garden Park Tower...

...the name of the high-rise on the left.
A place dad has called home for the past year.

We unloaded the car just down the road...
and drove it to Garden Park.

There was a spot reserved for us...
 beside the 1972 Cadillac convertible.  
I hardly remember when cars were that big!

How nice of the Garden Park people to plan a BBQ for Father's Day!

Marge came down and joined us in the park for lunch.  
She hasn't been out much since she had a stroke in February...
so we were glad she could make it. 

 I recognized the voice before I saw the singer!
I knew Elsie a very long time ago (when she cut her first record)...
and she can still sing like the best of them!
She was the featured entertainment while we ate.

She sings songs my dad likes...
and sang one especially for him yesterday.

 Dad was quite thrilled to show his car to the guys...
inside and out.

He knows it well...
since he restored it to it's original condition himself.

 From the painting to the upholstery...
he did it all.

In theory it is now my car...
registered to my name.

In reality...
it's dad's car and always will be.

And he's quite pleased to have it  featured on the back cover of the original 
Mennonite Girls Can Cook cookbook.

Mary Ellen and Dot (my sisters) also joined us for lunch.
They each have a vintage car restored by dad as well.
Mary Ellen has a Mustang.  
Dot has a Cougar.
Neither had a trailer to bring them to the BBQ yesterday.

I'm most thankful that I still have a dad to spend time with on Father's Day...
or any other day...
for that matter!

 In the evening...
we took Tim and Heidi...
Maggie and Lucy out for a joy-ride in the Monarch.

Here's the thing...
there were no seat belts in 1947.
There are no seat belts today. 
How did that ever work with kids?
We drove most carefully to our destination.

DQ...for ice-cream.
It was Maggie's first DQ ice-cream cone...ever!
Due to her peanut allergy...
she has never been allowed DQ ice-cream.

they decided to take a chance...
EpiPen at the ready.

All was well...
and Maggie had a most memorable Father's Day as well. 

And that in a nutshell...
was Father's Day 2013.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. This sounds wonderful to me from beginning to end! What a beautiful car. It's nice that you all have one of his treasured cars. Glad you got to spend time with him! Hope you have a good week.

  2. Super sweet Father's Day doings! I love getting more info on the car; I had wondered whose it was when I saw it in the cook book. So glad your Dad had a special Fathers Day with so many people in his family.

  3. It looks like a wonderful vintage car which has made it's rounds in the family by someone who treasures it and has shared many a ride with others.
    I am sure that your Father felt somewhat special and honored yesterday.

  4. What a fantastic Father's Day Party and so great that you showed off "his" car!! I think it's so great that he restored a car for each of you. This was a precious day indeed! Maggie and Lucy are so adorable. Hmmm - did they have Dairy Queen's back in the late 40's???

  5. I can imagine how proud your dad was to have not only his car at the BBQ, but his girls.
    Tim has 2 sweet little girls too and looks like they enjoyed their sweet treat too. So glad there Maggie was able to enjoy it too.

  6. So enjoyed this post! It touched my heart and I think it's awesome you got the car there for him. My Dad had two cars and a truck restored, so I know the pride that comes from sharing it with others!

    Glad you had this time with your sweet Dad.


  7. Oh I'm so glad that the Monarch is still providing so much joy for so many from your father and his friends to your grandgirlies. So glad that Maggie was able to enjoy the ice cream cone without any troubles. Perhaps that allergy will just slip off and be gone one day. Scrumptious photos! I especially love the one of the Monarch on the trailer still in the drive with the mountains as backdrop. Just delightful.

  8. It sounds like a perfect day and I bet your dad is smiling every time he thinks about it. I'm sure he was glad to show the 'fellas' he lives with how he restored that car.

  9. What a great post! Love the photo of the guys looking under the hood! Some things just never change!
    And such a treat that you could take the girls on a date to DQ and all was well!

  10. You are indeed fortunate to still have your Dad in your life, Judy, and I'm glad you were able to fulfill his wishes this Father's Day in such a nice way. Your Dad's Monach car is magnificent! I remember my dad had a similar car when I was a young child. It was tall inside, so that i could stand up in it, and I remember how large the steering wheel was. It also did not have seat belts -- t seems so risky these days.

    My husband was traveling for his job this Father's Day so we had to celebrate the day before. There are so many "holidays" for us in the month of June :)

    PS: Thank you for all your birthday best wishes to me on my 60th!

  11. What a great way to spend Father's Day. Glad you didn't need the EpiPen!

  12. Oh how wonderful Judy! I love your father's classic car the Monarch. What a beautiful old car it is! And how great that you could celebrate Father's Day with him and allow him to show off his pride and joy. I remember no seat belts when growing up. When we went for a drive we sat on the seat or laid on it or on the floor and even in the back window "ledge"!! Imagine that!! :) I'm glad little Maggie could enjoy her first DQ without an allergic reaction. Hopefully she has outgrown that allergy. Have a great week! Pam

  13. What a great post! So glad you were able to spend such a lovely day with your dad. What a blessing! The little girls looked like they were enjoying every bite of that DQ ice-cream!

  14. I was smiling ear to ear over this post! I've said it before but I'll say it again! You have SUCH a lovely family and I am so happy you shared YOUR happiness with us. Your father is special. I know you already KNOW how blessed you are!
    The DQ ice cream cone simply topped off the day perfectly!!

  15. A wonderful day and you are indeed blessed to still have your dad to celebrate with!

  16. What a sweet post! You are so blessed to have your dad to celebrate with. My husband enjoyed seeing these old and good looking cars. What a fun time and special celebration for these dear people. And, I can't think of a better way to end a day than at DQ. We both liked all the pictures you shared.

  17. Great post. Love the photo of the guys looking into the car. Your dad must have been thrilled to have his car on display.

    Seatbelts have become such a part of every day life that it's hard to imagine how we all survived childhood without them. And now, when I get on my bicycle, I feel like I should be putting on a seatbelt, but of course, there are none.

  18. What a great Fathers how they always have to have their heads under the bonnet :)

  19. Oh I do love the photos of the monarch riding in style! What a great way to spend your Father's Day. No seatbelts. We owned Grandma Fasts car for awhile and also found it quite a novelty to take that risk while driving.


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