Friday, June 14, 2013

this 'n that...

I'm ending the week with a bit of this...
and a bit of that!

The second crop of grass came in off the fields last week.
Most of it is in the bunker.
Once the bunker was full...
the rest got wrapped up in plastic.

We know the drill quite well over here already.
As soon as the grass is off the field...
a nice thick layer of organic fertilizer goes on.
It doesn't smell so good!
It seems that is just when overnight guests arrive.
Right, Ellen?

On a brighter note...

...the last of this year's peonies are putting on a show along my rail fence.
They smell most delightful!

Lucy came to visit earlier this week.
She immediately wanted to go see the cows...
with Grandpa.
She came without a jacket...
and it was drizzling out.

 So we found an old sweater that was once her mommy's...
...and it did the trick.
She wore it home...
along with a smile!

It is only mid-June...
and I have been to Minter Gardens three times already this season.
I'm thinking the annual pass will pay off this year!

Strolling through the gardens right after shower is a good thing.

Who knew rain drops could look so good?

Raindrops on roses...

...and Beethoven's  'ode to joy'  played by my grand daughter.
I so enjoyed her year-end recital.

Now those are a few of my favorite things.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You can find a sweater that her mama used to wear? Wow! I am totally impressed. What a cutie pie she is wearing that sweater. And a granddaughter playing the violin in such a professional stance...delightful! Some year, you'll be sharing the music I hope. May you have some bright, sunny, warm days soon! (Of course, the peonies last longer on the cool days.)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful ~ your little one in the sweater (can't believe you still have one around!) is adorable ~ and your violin player looks great and I ca imagine the sound. : ) Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Lucy is adorable and is getting so big!! The raindrop photos are lovely and isn't it a joy to cheer our grands on in their activities? I do so want mine to know I am (one of) their biggest fans!! :-)

  4. What a great shot of that smiling grandbaby in her mamma's sweater!! Lovely pictures of the park and flowers. I think a violin would be so hard to play! Great that your grandaughter is mastering it!! Have a wonderful week end!

  5. The plastic wrapped grass looks like gigantic marshmallows! How cool that Lucy could wear her mom's sweater. Don't you just feel so fortunate when you can attend grandkids' events? I know I do! Enjoy your weekend...

  6. What smell? I didn't have time to stop and smell the roses/I mean fields at your house! :)
    That little Lucy just makes me smile. She is so darn cute. And your violinist so grown up and it.
    Thanks for sharing your dis and dat....

  7. I'm singing that song - and for the record - you have some fabulous "favourite things" including the fresh country air. What a little sweetie that Lucy is! And, your violinist looks so professional. Beautiful watered garden photos Judy!

  8. Lucy is beyond proud of her "Grammy bought for me" sweater...adorable.

  9. Ohhh Judy ... you pictured so many of my favourite things here ... especially the 'marshmallow fields' !! I once commented to my granddaughter when she was little .. "Ohh .. look at the marshmallows !" and she replied .. "Are those really marshmallows, Nanna?"

    All your photos are gorgeous ...

  10. We have had a lot of rain here this month and the farmers are not able to cut grass or plant some crops. It is hurting them badly. Thankfully we have some sunshine for the weekend and only 1 day of rain next week, so far. I hope you have a blessed weekend. Pam

  11. Your favorite things make me smile - especially little Lucy in her mama's sweater, and your violin-playing granddaughter. Such special times. Your peonies are just gorgeous. So ruffly and creamy.

  12. This N That always includes your highlights...I loved that sweater.
    And of course I walked up the aisle to Ode to Joy!
    With second crops cut...I think it's time for you to rest and relax again.
    And Pinterest is working it's way through my album.

  13. Lucy is clearly still, so stink'in cute!!!!


  14. It is so fun seeing Lucy grow...can we call kids whose birth is announced on a blog and then their growing years recorded "blog babies"?

  15. I can clearly see why these would be some of your favorite things. Your peonies are exceptionally gorgeous! I could smell them as I looked at the pictures. As for Lucy, she is so cute and growing up so fast. Your heart must have swelled with pride hearing her play the violin.
    What beauty exists in your part of the country!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson