Saturday, June 22, 2013

strawberry delight....

We have been enjoying local strawberries every which way this week.
Crepes with strawberries and whipped cream.
A feast of juicy strawberries over the kitchen sink.
Strawberry shortcake with a group of friends.

Yesterday we had strawberry waffles for lunch at Krause Berry Farms.

We have heard much about this farm in recent years...
but this was our first visit.

It is about a 45 minute drive from our place...
and since we were in the area...
we decided to stop by.

We are glad we did!

Who knew...
there are gardens and a market...
and a bakery...
and a winery.

And u-pick berry fields open to the public.

And all things strawberry at this time of year!
The lunch kit reminded me of one my daughter had some 30 years ago.

The ceiling was lined with pie plates.
Rolling pins hung from the beam.

And one whiff of the fresh-baking-aroma...
was enough to make anyone hungry.

I saw this fresh strawberry pie leaving the store...
in the hands of a young gal who said...
'I love my dad!'
Her dad will be thrilled!

Who knew old church benches would one day provide ringside seating at a strawberry field?

I had to think about these washroom signs for a moment.

Out in the fields...
families were picking strawberries to their hearts delight.

'Tis the local strawberry season.
Don't miss it.
They are the best!

I'll add one more garden photo.
Just because...
that's where I am today.
In a garden!
I'm enjoying the annual Rotary Garden Tour...
a ticket to view beautiful private gardens in my home town.
It's always a treat!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This looks like a great place to visit. How long are the strawberries on? I suppose they'll be all done by the end of July. I'm going to email this to my sister in case she wants to get out and get some berries. Have a lovely weekend Judy.

  2. What a great spot this is! I want that strawberry pie!! Have fun on your garden tour. Hope you laugh as much as Lana and I did last Saturday on our garden tour...

  3. Beautiful! I often think that none of us has explored our own area nearly as well as we suppose. What a great find. I'm so glad that you explained what was going on with the pie plates. That had me totally confused. Here's to finding more gardens and delights!

  4. We have been enjoying the local strawberries here too. However, they aren't coming from a farm anywhere near as cute as the Krause Berry Farm. Looks like a great outing and that pie... oh my... yum!!
    Hope you're enjoying the garden walk enough to want to do a post about it (hint hint :).

  5. And they do not shut down for the winter. We had our staff dinner there this last Christmas and they cook the best turkey dinner. In December they also did a free breakfast with Santa as a fundraiser for cancer.
    Enjoy your garden tour.

  6. What a beautiful place and oh those juicy strawberries! Love strawberry season! Great pictures and the Lavender one is so beautiful. Enjoy your garden tour!

  7. What a beautiful place!! Taken care with lots of TLC that is for sure! I love lavendar and that last picture is beautiful!! Who would have thought to line your ceiling with pie tins! Thanks for sharing your strawberry goodness!

  8. Love it! A "u-pick" option AND goodies galore!
    I remember that lunch kit too...weren't the scented dolls fun?

  9. What wonderful free advertising for Krause Farms ! I hope they appreciate it! smile..
    I think we might have to take a drive over and take the grandgirls!

  10. It's always a must on my list for fresh baked pies. Looks like you really enjoyed the grounds. They have really done a bang up job with making it 'must stop' before heading out to the valley.
    But nothing beats your strawberry shortcake.

  11. Beautiful photos, would love to run through the store of all things strawberry. We love going to the fields for strawberries, big difference in taste!


  12. You have no idea of just how much I appreciate that you carry your camera with you when you visit new places. This place is so unique and well thought out. I like seeing how people do things and the thought and ingenuity they use in their establishments. What a fun place!


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