Wednesday, June 12, 2013

manitoba ~ memories and moments...

I'm back with a story or two...
of the people and events that made our time in Manitoba most memorable.

In the end...
it's always about the people...isn't it?

In Winnipeg...I met family that I rarely get to see.

Cousin Linda and her daughter Renee (upper right) came to McNally Robinson on Thursday night.

Aunt Justine, Cousin Heather and her daughter Meara (lower left)...
and my cousin Darlene (lower right) took me out for breakfast on Saturday morning....
before the booksigning at Ten Thousand Villages.

How fun to have a quick catch-up with what's happening in their world!

It was so good to see Hilda as well...
a longtime family friend.

I met Char's daughters (Amy and Emily) for the first time...
and thoroughly enjoyed the camper's stew prepared for us by her hubby, Tony.

 Betty's daughter Allison played chauffeur for us during our stay...
and her grand daughter Kaila came joined us on Saturday.
What fun those two are!
We also met Betty's sister, Norma...
who cooked up a fabulous dinner for us one night.
It was so nice to see Betty on her turf...
and meet her family.

We met many interesting people who came out to the booksignings.
People like this gentleman...
who came all the way from Portland, Oregon.

He just happened to be in Steinbach on business...
and decided to visit the museum over his lunch hour.
He was most surprised to discover that Mennonite Girls Can Cook were set up in the lobby.
He had met us earlier...on-line.
And here we the flesh.
He bought some books to take home with him.
We signed them.


And then there were these gals who we met at the Steinbach museum.
Aren't they just the sweetest?
They even had new dresses for the occasion.

This one showed up in her apron. 
She is enthusiastic about cooking...
and life in general.
She dishes out words of encouragement quite freely as well!

There's no story behind this photo of Betty...
except that she doesn't know I took it.
And I really like it!

Betty took us to her place for a tour.
While she was off signing books...
it seems some of her hanging plants got a little dry.

Lovella thought she would just lift the basket up a little...
to see if it was thirsty.
Next thing we knew...
the plant was lying on the deck.
Sorry, Betty!
Lovella put the plant back into the basket...
and went out in search of water.

It seems there was always something to make us smile.

had us sharing a display with 
'300 Years of Beer...
the history of brewing in Manitoba'.
The authors were featured guests there that evening as well.
We found that rather amusing.

Those are just a few of the memorable people and moments that I will long remember...

...along with the warm welcome and good times we shared in friendly Manitoba.


  1. What a great time you must have had!! Thanks for sharing your photo memories with us...I am glad the cook book is such a success! I put my name in to win a copy from the Christian Radio station,,,,no call yet, I guess someone else will enjoy the recipes for now. Have a great day!

  2. How fun to reconnect with family and friends, while making some new friends too! I continue to be thrilled with the opportunities provided you girls through your love of cooking and hospitality!

  3. Good recap Judy. Alison took a photo of me on the swing..I had no idea that you were there..were you hiding behind a tree??
    I laughed when I saw the photos of Lovella and the plant..I had so hoped that someone had captured that..the plant liked it's little shake-up, it's doing well!

    1. Betty...I was way down the lane...but I have a good zoom. :)

  4. I'm so glad we all do these posts because there is so much I miss along the way on trips like these that others catch and the memories fall into line better in my brain...
    Love the people and things you captured with your lens!

  5. Wonderful post of your visit to Friendly Manitoba! Great pictures and fun humorous events too.

  6. Manitoba is a friendly place. How fun that you were able to see some of your family out there. What a good time you girls have together as you bless the world with your recipes and giving.

  7. It for sure is about the the photos!


  8. Such an enjoyable review to read, Judy! Thank you! Now I know why Betty told us the plant is okay. Amazing what a bit of water does!

  9. Great post and thank you for sharing! I especially liked the mention of the man who just happened to stop by and found you and Betty's photo swinging...
    All of your smiles says 'Life is great!', so happy for you!
    God bless,

  10. It's really wonderful to see you all having such fun and enjoying your success!

  11. Lovely to share your time in Manitoba.

  12. Poor Lovella! Why do we always get caught...and on camera no less! I'm sure the plant will be happier for having its roots shaken up...tickled...something. Gosh do you and your aunt look like family! What fun to see so many you don't often get to see.

    1. P.S. that photo of Betty is wonderful!

  13. Judy - you are sooo funny - you have me giggling with your fun comments. Great pictures and the one of Betty is especially beautiful! Poor Lovella and the plant - I can hear the laughter. You gals just the bestest of times!! Thanks for sharing them with us here in blogdom!

  14. Well you were very nice...I read this and thought...don't you dare...
    And I loved your fun loving time with your family and with all of us.
    These are the times we will never forget.

  15. Such a great post Judy! I had already forgotten about the man from Oregon! I'm so glad you blogged about our time in Winnipeg. I so enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.

  16. I enjoyed this post so much. When I looked at the first picture, I wondered if you all always dress to coordinate with the places you are visiting? The colors on that picture go perfectly with the wall and door colors:) Oh, the way my mind works. What fun for you to see people you don't see often. I loved the picture of the little girls in their pretty dresses.

    What does it do to your heart when you see the book you worked on for so long, on display at so many different bookstores? It must make your heart so grateful.

  17. So glad you had fun and enjoyed all the people and each other! Don't you just marvel at God's plan? I am sure there are times when you just have to pinch yourself!! :-)

  18. I love how you all celebrate together! What a lovely group of family and friends you are blessed with and who are blessed by you. Thank you for letting all of us peek in on your wonderful life.....

  19. I finally got a chance to get caught up and WOW, what a great time you guys had! Betty and Char let their hospitality lights shine brightly! And isn't Steinbach a blast? The people out there are a hoot…especially that Betty R!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson