Wednesday, October 16, 2013

cascade falls and wayward pines...

With the turkey dinner behind us...
we decided to get out and enjoy the sunshine on our Thanksgiving holiday Monday.

Some 45 minutes away is a lovely park...
Cascade Falls Park.

I may have lived here all my life...
but had never visited the falls.

It was time!

We put on our hiking boots and drove to the parking lot...
envisioning a good afternoon hike.

And it was good!
It was just short.

After a ten minute trek through the forest...
we arrived at the viewing platform.

The falls were impressive...
dropping about 100 feet into a beautiful clear pool. 

We decided to hike a little further up the mountain...
just to make it worthwhile putting on the hiking shoes!

And then we took the scenic route home...
the one along the north side of the Fraser River.

It took us to Wayward Pines.

Who knew the neighbouring town across the river had a new name? 

and the store fronts you see above are just that...
a facade only.

Behind the facade lies the city park.
In front is a brand new sidewalk...
made for the movie.

We chatted with the guard on duty...
who said we were welcome to walk around the back.

And so we did.
This is what the store-fronts looked like from the back side.

the expense and energy that goes into the making of a movie set.

We strolled along the new sidewalk...
and peeked into store windows.

And had a good chuckle or two.
How fun to see Pioneer Park in Agassiz transformed into the main street of an Idaho town.

I may never see the movie...
but I can always say I walked the main street of Wayward Pines (British Columbia, that is!).

With friends...
on the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday.


  1. Too bad you didn't come and check out the Wayward Pines set in the beginning of September. It was even more impressive then. Since they've finished filming - for now - they've removed more of the props that really helped set the scene!

  2. That's not the street the way I knew it. It looks like you had a perfect day for spending it outdoors. And we totally would recommend Fort to Fort Trail. It was beautiful. I felt as though I was on cycling on the Danube River....Enjoy these days....

  3. Looks like a perfect getaway to me! The movie set was really interesting....


  4. Chuckling at Idaho in BC. And that such a gorgeous waterfall so near your house had not been visited before! Saving the best for last, travel wise? Give it enough time and movie sets and visiting the whole world may be possible in less than an hour. Park City just funded a major project to create sound stages, film studios and even hotels to lodge actors and staff during projects. Multi million dollar development. Guess we will be seeing more "stars" than just the ones overhead arround here soon .

  5. Cascade Falls is beautiful and I hadn't heard of it before Judy. Next trip. Now that is really interesting about the fake town of Wayward Pines. I often wondered what the back of the movie set looks like. How cool that you got to see this.

  6. Very nice shots of the falls, you had me confused at the Wayward Pines BC until I kept reading. Thanks for the travells.\Cheri

  7. What a nice little diversion from turkey! The hike looked very rewarding and what a fun stroll through the "movie set" Agassiz. Once Agassiz is back to normal maybe I'll stroll along it's main drag :)

  8. I've been under a rock because you might as well be speaking Russian for all that I understand of this post with it's film sets. Must check out to see what I'm missing. We have an Agassiz not far from here and one that you passed by...probably completely unaware that it was tucked in the forest. Oh that waterfall is is it that you've missed it so long?

  9. Such a beautiful hike and what fun to see the movie set...very deceiving what we get to see on the screen isn't it. Great pictures, as always.

  10. As I read this post, I thought to myself, "isn't that often how life is"? Things just are not as they appear to be on the outside. What an interesting way to spend time with friends though.

    Cascade Falls are so beautiful! I can't imagine a lovelier way to end the Thanksgiving holiday.

  11. With our cabin so close to the falls we have been there numerous times, but never went this year.
    It's a fun place to go rock hopping on a hot day. Wayward Pines... so interesting to see the set!
    We had the film crew at our cabin a number of years ago too doing a shoot on the lake, with tents set up on the yard for feeding the crew.

  12. It's amazing what can be done for filming. Idaho in BC! It was a great weekend for getting outdoors. Let's soak in all the sunshine while it's here.

  13. How fun is that? I love that hollywood comes to Agassiz.


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