Friday, April 11, 2008

paul brandt comes to town

I may live in the country...

...but I can't say I've been to many country music concerts before. There's a first for everything, and last night I had the privilege of attending the best country music concert that has ever come to this town...I am sure!

Until several years ago, we had no venue large enough to bring in the big names...but our 'new' Prospera Centre has changed all that.

Last night we heard Canada's country music favorite...Paul Brandt. I loved his first big song about 10 years ago...and have listened to his music ever since. He is one super guy...a pediatric nurse before he became a full-time musician. He is the most awarded male country musician in Canadian history, and besides turning out wonderful songs, he works tirelessly for Samaritan's Purse and World Vision. He is also the spokesman for Ford Motor Company...he probably sells a truck or two!

At last weekend's Juno's, Paul received the Allan Waters humanitarian award for his charity work. In his emotional acceptance speech, he shared with the glitzy and glamorous crowd about some of the children he has encountered in the most desperate corners of the world. Paul travels worldwide to deliver packages collected by Samaritan's purse for the underprivileged kids. His most recent campaign is to raise funds to purify drinking water where none is available...and even last night he encouraged the crowd to make a difference in the life of a child and contribute to this cause.

The concert was was the audience! We gave Paul a good home-town welcome....when the first concert sold out immediately, another was added for Saturday night. Paul Brandt is Canadian (from Calgary, Alberta)...and I'm not sure how well he's known in the U.S...but he's worth getting to know.

One other least Paul knew when it was time to go home. By 10:15 we were all on our way, and even had time for a cup of coffee...unlike the marathon hockey game I attended at the same place two weeks ago. Hockey at midnight just isn't that appealing!

And thanks to my kids for a wonderful birthday birthday may have been months ago, but these concert tickets were compliments of the occasion. And I think I get to go to another concert soon (not country next time!) I help hubby enjoy a Christmas gift.

And now I need to get my life organized so that I am free to work outside all day tomorrow...because the sunshine is on the way. Wahoo!

(Paul Brandt photo source)


  1. What a great gift! Nothing better than a "memory" gift. Yup, you have great kids.

    Tomorrow, my daughter and I are going to enjoy one of those memory gifts from my hometown niece at Christmastime. This originally included a concert, but now it's down to a dinner out. We weren't able to make the concert date so had to give up the tickets. Shoot! Still, we're going to love the Italian food. ;D

    Now, I've got to go see if I can find a Paul Brandt clip on You Tube or something.

    Enjoy working in the yard today!

  2. Found several! He sounds right out of Nashville...great deep voice. Reminds me something of Josh Turner.

    My cousin, a Canadian from NB, has a country band. I know how popular country music is in Canada!

  3. What a wonderful gift. I didn't know he was such a great philanthropist. . .for such great causes.
    I'm so glad you got to enjoy such a great evening Judy.

  4. I love his music..we have a trucking company here in MB called Paul Brandt Trucking, they've been around way before the singer Paul Brandt was even born!. In his song "Convoy" he uses a truck belonging to the trucking company.
    That's our Manitoba connection to

  5. I had heard he was in town. I'm sure our community packed out the place.
    I bet that was a wonderful break from all the emotions of the past weeks eh?

  6. How fun was that!!! Sounds like a great evening! I haven't been to a concert in years...and I know my hubby wouldn't be up for a country concert at all!
    Thanks for sharing your good time with us!


  7. One more tidbit..Paul Brandt sang at the funeral of Paul Brandt from the trucking company.

  8. This young man, Paul Brandt, sounds like someone we could all appreciate. Isn't it always a beautiful thing when God blesses someone and they give back? I'll have to see if I can find his music.

  9. He sounds like quite a wonderful guy! I don't know him, but then I don't know country music much either, so he may be known in the USA; you can't tell by me. I do like country music, but hardly ever listen to it. Samaritan's Purse is a wonderful organization, and so is World Vision; that is great that he is so involved with them both.


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