Saturday, April 26, 2008

prizes...and surprises!

I haven't won many things in my life...but that seems to be changing of late!

The 'roll up the win' promotion at Tim Horton's came and went...and I struck out there for the most part. But that's okay....I go there for the coffee not for the big prizes!

And I shop at Safeway because I happen to like it there...not because they throw Safeway instant win tickets into my bags. I usually remember to look at them before they go in the garbage...and I recently came up a winner. Nope...not the trip for two to Australia that I would have gladly accepted (I have a niece there that I would love to visit!)...

...but a bright red stainless water bottle and a pedometer with a built in flashlight. How nice is that? I have plenty of it's just a matter of using them!

But now on to the win that I'm really excited about! Vee recently had a 200th post-give-away...and I was the lucky winner of her draw. I was awaiting the arrival of my surprise package...but then left town for 10 days. Yesterday I retrieved two weeks worth of mail...and there was a parcel from Vee...along with a bunch of cards from friends. Supper had to wait...I had important mail to open!

I'm thinking Vee must be a professional parcel wrapper...everything was so beautifully wrapped, I was somewhat reluctant to untie the bows!

I had no idea what would be in Vee's surprise package...and could not believe the bonanza of goodies she sent me!

A wonderful hand-crafted-by-Vee pin cushion (it shall replace my tomato)...a hand-made doily (I'll need to find out whose hand made that)...vintage tags...

...and a gardening magazine with lots of wonderful ideas (i.e. paint handles of small pruners and diggers with bright acrylic paint so they can be easily spotted...mine have been known to go out with the compost!).

I'm not done un-wrapping yet! Then there's a pewter picture frame...and a personalized flour sack tea towel...with bias trim. Hubby is quite sure Vee never hand-embroidered it, because there are no loose threads on the back (he's seen my work!).

Judy's kitchen now has a lovely hand towel...not meant for hands! I will treasure it always...thanks so much for everything, Vee!

Oh yes...I should also mention that the entire package smelled just wonderful...and I have not yet figured out where the scent came from. It reminded me of walking into my favorite little shop downtown (Creekside)...I go there just for the aroma and the music!

And here's another surprise...the sun is shining this morning! I have a long list of things to I'm off to tackle the day, one moment at a time!


  1. Oh what a delightful surprise from Vee! I couldn't wait until you received it because she really didn't let us know what the prize was!! She's just so sneaky, that one! : ) She included such wonderful items!
    And congrats on the Safeway win! You've just been blessed this week!


  2. Oh don't you just love surprises like that. What a special treat for you Judy, and given to the right person. Blessing to you Vee.

  3. Ahhhh, those things look vaguely familiar! So glad that the package arrived for, as you know, I'm a little concerned about the postal service. :D

    You're another one who's been winning left and right! It may be time for you to buy a lottery ticket as well.

    Hope that you are having a terrific weekend!

  4. What wonderful treasures! Enjoy them..

  5. How nice! Your post made me smile...knowing someone else who won is on par to winning myself! What neat treasures!

    That is a great trick - painting your gardening tool handles a bright colour. I wasted time today looking for mine somewhere in the yard!
    It was warm enough to plant things today!! smile

  6. What an exquisite package of goodies. I am certain they have found a new and loving home with you.

    Thanks for showing us.

  7. WHAT???? It can't replace the tomato. It's a nice pin cushion and all....but you know how I'll feel about that. I don't like it when you just go and replace things you've used basically you're whole life. mmmm...

  8. Great prizes from Vee! Congratulations! I love those pin cushions she makes, the button on top is so cute! She does do lovely hand work on her tea towels too. I love your new banner, so pretty!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson