Monday, April 7, 2008


It has been such an emotional time...with such waves of sadness washing over me. How hard it is to watch your children lose their sad to say farewell to one so tiny and beautiful!

But in the midst of the sorrow...God sends so much beauty to lighten the load. The tree lined streets are in full bloom...and so beautiful even when the sun is not shining!

And He sends friends! Thanks so much to each of you for your messages of love and comfort. We weren't meant to do life alone...friends multiply the joys and divide the grief.

I haven't been around to visit many of you in blogland this week (I'll be back soon)...but I so appreciate all of you. I know Vee went to great lengths to send me a package (which I am so looking forward to)...Marg hung tulips on the front door for me...Trish baked my refrigerator rolls...thanks to you all for your friendship.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine! I had a good dose of that last week, while I had Ranen with me. She had no idea that the world around her was being shattered...and she was so funny she had me laughing along with her.

She is a carefree, happy child...with a large vocabulary for someone not yet two. It seems I need to watch my language, because hers may have deteriorated during her stay with Grammy. She always said 'yes' so I'm hearing a lot of 'yup'. She has a few new favorites...okey dokey and oopsy daisy are used regularly.

We also spent a lot of time looking at one of her dad's favorite childhood books...Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go. It's more about finding goldbug, who is hiding somewhere on each page, than about looking at the cars and trucks. Her daddy could always beat me to the punch in finding goldbug...Ranen will soon be ready to challenge him!

On Friday morning, we had all spent a few hours with little Baby Hannah, and then stopped for a bite to eat before the long trip home from the city.

We were quite subdued and emotional...but Ranen had us all laughing before long. She picked a pair of nice looking blue-jean clad legs in the fast food line-up and wrapped herself around them for a good hug, and then ran off. The legs belonged to a young guy, who was quite taken aback. She must have thought they belonged to her dad...because she went back for seconds...and thirds. By then we were all laughing.

No help...I can do it myself! And then we need a bath...

On Friday evening, as I gave Ranen a bath before bedtime she had such fun playing with the bubbles, she started to giggle. I ran to get my camera and she was still giggling uncontrollably.

A short time later I heard that her little sister had passed away. And so it is with life...happiness and sadness...joys and sorrows all mixed up.

I wet vac'd the floor after Ranen left...the tears flowed as I vacuumed. I'm so sad for my children...and for our loss...but I'm thankful for all of you who bring joy and laughter to my life also.


  1. Judy, I'm amazed that you even feel like blogging, while going through this emotional time. Maybe it is that sharing your thoughts and feelings helps you? I hope that is so. I feel sad with you - it must be so hard to see your own kids hurting and not be able to kiss it away. I wish you all God's peace this week. Dairymary

  2. This post is beautiful. I know that Ranen is going to provide her parents with so much joy and laughter in the following days and that will be welcome and healing.

    I cracked up reading about the hugging of a stranger's legs. That guy probably needed a good hug!

    My own little girl (at about Ranens' age) ran full tilt down a long porch and leaped into my cousin's arms (she'd never seen him before) proclaiming him to be "Jesus." Needless to say, there's much laughter surrounding that moment to this day.

    I know that your mother's heart is just about broken for your dear son and his wife, but I also see that your faith is very strong.

    Oh, and please, for goodness sake, watch the language..."oopsy daisy"...oh my! ;>

  3. Oh Judy,

    I have thought about you and your family and have prayed for you all weekend.

    What a beautiful post and what a tremedous blessing little Ranen is in your life. She has no idea what a gift she is right now with her smiles and giggles.

    I love seeing that you have such a huge influence in her life with your crazy fun grammie language. .. just don't say ta ta .. she could be utterly confused with that.

    I am so inspired by your strength and your faith Judy. May you continue to feel completely wrapped in God's love.

  4. I too have to agree that I am inspired by your faith and strength during this very difficult time, Judy.
    And laughter is good for the soul.

  5. Dear Judy, you are such a shining example of christian warmth and love. At this point your family is in need of you and still you find time to 'minister' to others with your well spoken and heartfelt words in your post. Your many friends and family will continue to hold you up in this time of needed comfort. God Bless

  6. I couldn't imagine life without grandkids now that we've had them.
    They bring such joy and beauty and it's so neat how you could enjoy her sweet innocence while she truly could not understand the pain that you were feeling. I think that's God's way of saying, "There's time for tears and a time for laughter."

  7. What a lovely post! I know this is such a difficult time for you all, but isn't it wonderful that you're able to laugh in the shadow of such adversity. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the picture of Ranen laughing! I could just hear her giggles! : ) Thanks so much for sharing!


  8. This post reminds of when Grandma died, and Ricky interrupted the obituary writing with the announcement (in the only way Ricky can announce) that something was wrong with the family photo. Despite the overwhelming situation at hand, everyone burst into laughter after seeing that the family photo was indeed ruined by my dad, who once again put on sunglasses - but no one had noticed in 6 months, and Ricky noticed on the day everyone could have used a little laugh. Laughter really is good medicine.

    You're all in my prayers, Aunt Judy.

  9. Judy - I just discovered your blog and I am so sad to hear about your precious little angel Hannah. Your family is in my prayers.




'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson