Monday, April 14, 2008

a refreshing spot in the desert!

I woke up in Palm Springs this nice is that!

We had left our RV down here in fall, with plans to continue our trip in March...however, the well-laid plans of man do not always come to pass. So now we have come to retrieve the motorhome...

...and since we're here anyhow...and we've left the home fort in good hands... we may as well enjoy the sunshine for a spell!

I've found me a chaise lounge...I've got lots of books...and I'll be taking a hiatus for a bit.

It is quite lovely down here...I shall be spending a good deal of time floating down the lazy river.

So you all take care...and may the sun shine down on you wherever you are!


  1. Whoa! That was a surprise to see Palm Springs on your blog! Good for you...and you've come when we are having hot sunny weather here in the Southland. Enjoy your rest and relaxation....

  2. Fabulous! You have a great time in the sun!

  3. enjoy that river rafting. . . and do have a delightful time in that chaise lounge.

  4. I would say that is a pretty fabulous place to wake up Judy...You go girl...enjoy yourself and soak up those beautiful rays...Dee Dee

  5. How much fun! I hope you have a great time floating around in the sun!


  6. Oh I want to come too. You just enjoy a nice time of relaxation, Judy.

  7. There's nothing like floating down a lazy looks just divine Judy....Such a pretty place, I've been there only once and enjoyed the atmosphere temendously!!

    Enjoy, relax, and refresh your soul in the warm sunshine--

  8. oh Judy...I am so glad you are having a wonderful relaxing time. Trust all is well with your family. I heard there was snow in some parts of the lower mainland this morning....enjoy it there!

  9. Sounds too good to be true eh?
    Enjoy the warm sunshine.
    I'm wearing my tuke again just for walking.

  10. You are close to me...and it's a beautiful day! Enjoy your time in the sun!

  11. Have a great time...think of nothing but the fun you're having~! We've got it under control


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson