Wednesday, April 30, 2008

just you and me....

Tuesday. Ryder had been looking forward to that day for some meant a playdate with Grammy...and no one else!
I knew the moment he arrived that Daddy had not dressed him this morning.

A few years ago, I crocheted his sisters each a poncho...and he's taken a liking to them. What could be more convenient than having your blankey with you at all times? Add Emme's pink sunglasses...and a bright yellow soo soo and Ryder was all decked out to go to play with Grammy!

The girls always loved to bake when they came to I thought Ryder might enjoy baking cookies also.

He was more interested in building trains with the dough...than actually making cookies. But he became quite possessive with the completed cookies...reminding me repeatedly that they were 'mine'.

We spent the morning playing with cars...and tractors...and farm animals...and having a tea party on the floor...and soon it was lunchtime. The sun was shining (for a moment or two) so we took Grandpa with us...and went to the airport to check out the airplanes and have a bite to eat.

Our local airport has a wonderful coffee shop famous for it's homemade pie. Barb has been baking their pies for almost thirty years...and flight itineraries are often built around a stop for pie in Chilliwack. My standing order is the spinach salad...and a wee piece of pie!

Yesterday watching planes definitely took priority over eating...the highlight for Ryder was watching a helicopter take off and land repeatedly. At one point he fell off his chair...and scrambled back up in a big hurry. It was only then that I realized he is usually in a high chair.

They brought him a bowl of ice-cream for dessert...he's pretty good at sharing!

How is it that kids can spot these machines from a mile away...and I never notice them? Well...yesterday I did!

One last look at the airplanes and our playdate came to an end. We dropped Ryder off in time for his noon nap...carrying a poncho on one arm and a bag of cookies that were 'mine' on the other. What fun!

Until next time,


  1. Judy, he is just adorable. And, I love the picture of him in the poncho.

    I started off baking cookies with my grandson when he was little, and he still loves baking cookies with grandmom. He always wants to eat the cookie dough. I know they say not to do that anymore, but I hope a little taste doesn't hurt him.

  2. (I'll hope that I can comment...Blogger really is having fits today.)

    He looks so cute in his sister's garb. LOL!

    I haven't had the chance to bake cookies with my grands yet, but it sounds like fun when I do.

    The jaunt to the airport was such a good idea for a fun activity with Ryder. He's all boy if he loves to watch the helicopters, is making trains out of cookie dough, and can fall out of his chair repeatedly with nary a hitch. Hahahaha...

  3. Ohhh, I forgot to add that now you have me curious about where you're off to next...airline tickets and reservations and all????

  4. What fun grandchildren are..mine are all grown up and I miss those cookie baking times with them when they were little. Mind you I enjoy them just as much now, just in a different's the adult stage now.
    Adorable pic of Ryder in the poncho..too cute!

  5. What a hoot. I love his outfit. Did he wear that to his luncheon too?
    Oh how fun that he helped with baking. . sort of. Typical boy. He knows what part of the baking is most important. Glad you had such a fun time and I hope your itinerary got sorted out too.

  6. What a nice post. Don't you just love those special times with the grandchildren. They remember it for ever. Your grandchildren are blessed to have such wonderful grandparents who take the time to give them special moments such as these. And what a fun day you had!

  7. That picture in the poncho will come back to haunt him in about 13 or so years! LOL! How precious is this one!!
    Looks like you had a great time!


  8. very precious..That photo of him just arriving just tugged at my grandma heart. I felt as though I was there with you yesterday as I read through your post..what a sweet adventure..the sharing the ice cream photo...adorable..Thank you for sharing...Dee Dee

  9. Oh Judy, you just made a day that Ryder will never forget! What a wonderful Grammy you he'll be begging to come back soon! I know I would...if only to get a piece of gum from the candy machine!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson