Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tales from our trails...

We’re been on the road for the past few days…completing our road trip that began last October, when we traveled the scenic highways and back roads to Arizona. We left our RV in storage in Palm Springs over the winter months, with plans to fly back there at the end of February and drive into Mexico. That part of the trip never came to pass…but now we came back to Palm Springs to retrieve our motor home (and spent some quality time in the sun before starting the trek home).
We took our motor home out of storage in Palm Springs…from the best RV storage in the desert ($40 per month storage fee seemed like a deal!) What we hadn’t bargained on was having a tank of fuel siphoned out while we were away…or having the storage unit pried open and our prized Arizona souvenir stolen. Thankfully the thieves left all the tools and the BBQ…and took only the kite that we had picked up in Sedona. However, they damaged the lock on our storage bin.

After packing up our motor home for the trip home, we decided to take one last ride down the lazy river before leaving our Palm Springs resort. Suddenly there were sirens blaring…and fire trucks and emergency vehicles pulling into the resort.

As I returned to our unit, I passed firefighters in full array on the sidewalk (sorry…no firefighter pictures on this blog!). I have no idea what all the commotion was about…but I’m thinking it must have been a false alarm.

Here’s the culprit!

As we left the Palm Springs area, we noticed the hillsides were covered in massive fans. I was thinking they needed to create wind to cool off the valley...but in reality, they have found a way to put their wind to good use!

We never put too many miles on our odometer that first afternoon. ..as we ran into a few glitches. We stopped for gas in Barstow…only to have the gas spilling onto the ground rather than funneling into the tank. Thankfully we found an auto parts shop open, and made necessary repairs. Once we were back on the road, and in the Mojave dessert, we found ourselves on the same route as the LAPD run (a relay through the dessert to Las Vegas).

It was rather slow going…but most interesting watching the runners.

We spent Sunday in Death Valley…wow, what an amazing place! I’ll sort through my stack of photos once I’m home and give you a little tour. All I can say is it’s worth the trek out to see it! It’s like moonscape in some areas…windblown and scorched…barren and lifeless…but beautiful! There are mountain peaks over 11,000 feet tall and dry lake beds well below sea level. It is also the hottest spot on the face of the earth. It is totally unlike what I had imagined…I had visions of Charles Manson and his motley crew camped out on the sandy desert. For the most part, it looks more like the rocky landscapes photographed in Afghanistan.

We left our mark at Mosaic Canyon (in Death Valley park)…

...thought a welcoming Inukshuk would be a nice touch.

We left Death Valley yesterday morning, and travelled north along scenic by-ways. The scenery has been breathtaking...and we have had sunshine nearly the entire trip, but were forced to give up on shorts and sandals when we arrived in chilly Lake Tahoe last night.

Here's a road sign that surprised me...

Since when has the United States of America posted distance in kilometers? I’ve never noticed that before…I thought I was in Canada for a moment!

Tonight we are camped in the Oregon Outback (they even have wi-fi here)...near Redmond, Oregon. We've never travelled through this area before, and have so enjoyed the variety of the scenery we encountered today. We were reminded that today is 'earth day'...our Creator has given us so much beauty on this earth to enjoy!

Tomorrow we plan to complete the last leg of the journey...another 9 hours drive, and we're home. We've listened to all our cd's several times...have finished a jar of peanuts and 1 package of twizzlers...I've made good headway on my needlework...and the chauffeur has done a fine job thus far!


  1. Wow Judy...Thanks for bringing us along...You are indeed having quite the adventure...It is true...God has done amazing work all over the world...what a blessing your having such a wonderful trip and seeing so many places...Be safe..Can't wait for more pics when you arive back home..Dee Dee

  2. Great Inukshuk! I agree, the place looks much better with a touch of home.

    It's always wonderful to read about your journey. You have a way of describing things and supplying just the right photo to complement your story.

    Can't wait until you get home!

  3. Well I'm glad that you are on your way home since Marg is flying the coop.
    I do love your inukshuk. Good job on the Canadian art theme on the side of the road. Many Canadians will smile as they see that.
    What on earth is with the km. sign? That is most intriguing.

  4. What a nice treat to hear of your travels, Judy. Some things of course not so good like the theft.
    Kms in the USA??

  5. I have so enjoyed your trip. I'm getting to see sights I've never seen before.

    Too funny about the fire alarm.

  6. Ah..I'm sorry about the theft! That just stinks!! : ( People! Sometimes ya gotta wonder! But, at least there was not more damage done and you can be thankful for that!
    For some reason there are some signs in the US that show km! I have no clue why! During my travels with Eric I would notice them in the oddest places. I would think it would be natural for them to be in the very Northern states, closer to Canada...but I've seen them in the Midwest and even in the South. Crazy! : )
    Thanks for the pictures! I do so enjoy going along on your travels with you! Hey...did you go to Jerome when you were in AZ? I have some pics from there on my blog today!


  7. I was wondering where you were at. See you this weekend.

  8. Hi Judy, I am enjoying your trek north from the great southern deserts! Never having been to Death Valley, I look forward to your future post.

  9. Well, I'm still here, and am hoping you have a safe arrival. It's making me want to take a road trip through that area. Who knows what I need to do to watch the Phoenix Suns?
    Safe travels and we'll see you later.


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