Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let's Take a Trip!

Pack your bags...we are going on a trip! June 2 ~ 6 is travel bonanza week at My Front Porch.

All week we will re-visit the places we have been...and the things we have seen!

If you have a favorite vacation spot that you would like to share with us...tell us all about it. Whether you've travelled by train, boat, plane....biked or hiked...or taken a road trip...let's hear about some of your favorite spots.

I'm thinking of taking you to Vancouver/Whistler (since we are inviting the world here for the 2010 Olympics), Newfoundland, Hawaii...and who knows where else? And you can be our tour guide to some of your favorite spots!

Once you have posted your travel feature, be sure to come back and leave me the link to your post...either as a comment or send me an e-mail. I will be displaying the links prominently on My Front Porch.

And for all of you who don't have a blog of your own...feel free to send me a photo and description of your special vacation by e-mail. I'll have a non-bloggers travel report on Friday...I have already received some info for Friday's page...should be fun!

Only two more sleeps...and we're off on vacation! Oh yes...and don't worry about the price of gas...fuel is free on this trip.

As you can tell...I'm ready to travel!


  1. I've figured out where I'm taking you all .. .get ready to put your hiking boots on.

    Oh Judy, have you figured out how to use Mr. Linky? That would be helpful to your week of travelling.

  2. That's cute...two more sleeps and the gas is free! May I link to a day trip? (It's the only way that I can participate. Don't I sound pitiful? ;D)

    Hope you don't mind if I snagged your button and placed it on my sidebar.

  3. Hey, I'm ready to go.
    I will be riding my bike..
    So this could be quite exciting.
    I need to figure out that Linky thing that Lovella is talking about.
    Have a good hike tomorrow up Teapot.

  4. Lovella...I will make check out Mr. Linky and see if he is user friendly. If he is beyond me (that doesn't take much!), I'll just copy the links onto a post. I'm looking forward to hiking with you!

    Vee...Day trips are great! What's a day trip for a long trek for most of us. You might just talk us into visiting your area!

    Marg...I'm ready for a bike trip! I like these tours where the steep inclines don't bother me a bit. I'm planning to check out the Mt. Thom trail tomorrow...hiked Teapot last Sunday.

  5. Hmmm...where have I been that's exciting?? Not only that, but that I have pics of and if I even had my camera with me??

  6. I will be able to contribute a few pictures from my favorite city if that is okay?

  7. Hi Judy, I found you via "A Haven For Vee". I adore traveling! This will be great fun. I can't wait to journey to other places via blogland. See you on the road! ~Kathy

  8. sounds like fun! I'll enjoy reading about everyone's trips. I'll be preparing for my own real trip to England, leaving in 12 days! So I'm not going to have time to post, probably. Bummmer.

  9. HI Judy
    Vee posted on her blog about your fun idea, so I came over to see if I can join in. Presently I'm blogging about a recent trip I took to Ireland, and will have quite a few more entries before I finish, so will that qualify?

    I'm looking forward to seeing eveyone elses trips too!

  10. This should be fun...I'll think about where to take you and let you know when I post. Great idea! Thanks for hosting the travel show.


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