Friday, May 23, 2008

time changes things...

What a difference a few months can make!
Time changes things...sometimes it takes no effort on our part.

I gave you a tour of the stately homes in our community a few months back.
Those same places look quite different today!

St. Thomas Anglican Church is a landmark in our downtown area...built in 1897.

Wisteria Lane Gallery

Academy of Music

This lovely old heritage home once housed Dutch royalty. Maria...who now lives here...spends countless hours in her flower gardens and the place always looks amazing!

Our city museum stands tall behind a small park...beautiful in and out of season.

The trains still roll down the track...but it's a new season and everything looks different today!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love the way the seasons change our scenery here. We never tire of seeing the same old things with new seasonal colours surrounding them. . Time really does change all things.

  2. I love the changing scenery of the seasons too although I do lament a little about the briefness of our summers. A good reminder to accept each day as a precious gift!
    And there truly is much beauty in each season! I need to remember this in winter when it's -30 here..hehe
    I'm off to the greenhouse..

  3. Judy do live in such a beautiful are...I love the train scene...Changing seasons...I can only dream of them...stays pretty much the same in Florida...

    Lovely post..

  4. That's interesting how you see those landmarks. We've seen so many in Europe and when we arrived home, I realized that we have many of the same kind of landmarks but never take the time to observe and enjoy them.
    Those pictures could be from Europe.

  5. What a beautiful area! I'd love to be zipping along on that train under those snow capped mountains! I agree Maria's garden is amazing!

  6. Everything looks so green and colorful. All the blooms are glorious.

  7. I cant believe there is snow on the mountian tops! How wonderful! Today, in Louisiana, it is HOT and MUGGY. The snow looks refreshing! Beautiful neighborhood.

  8. What a beautiful home town you have shown us! Thanks for the tour

  9. Just love your corner! Are you going to join the thing that Melissa has going at The Inspired Room? Hope so!

  10. Fun to see these lovely places from your area! The mountain views are awesome, and in the previous lawnmower post, too. I enjoy seeing those, for we have no mountains here!

  11. The places you posted today are some of my favorites in our town too. You are so good at pointing out the wonderful places on my door step. I think one day I will have to do some of your 'tours' with afew friends. Plus coffee and lunch. Enjoy the day. Kathy


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