Thursday, September 30, 2010

she is two...

Where did the time go?  
Our little Miss Magdelyn is two years old already.

Grammy joined all her little friends...neighbours...
and cousins at a birthday celebration yesterday.

Maggie to most of her friends...
happens to find frogs quite amusing.

And so it seemed there was a lot of green at the party...
and a lot of hopping around as well.

The kids loved the bouncy room that was provided for their enjoyment.

And when they weren't jumping...
they were honing their art skills...

...or eating from the green buffet!

Happy Birthday happens to be her favorite song...
and to have it sung to her was beyond special!

Birthday blessings to my youngest grandgirlie...


  1. Oh happy birthday to Magdelyn, Maelyn, Maggie, her name lends itself to cute nicknames. She is an adorable grand-girlie now that is certain and she looks so happy in the midst of the froggy decorations.

  2. So cute!!! Love the frog theme, she must have had a blast!

  3. Thanks for taking us with you. It brings back memories of the themes I used to have for my children's birthday parties. congratulations to Maggie's mom for such a beautifully themed party and to Grammy for taking such cute pictures. You are lucky to be sure with a dear little granddaughter like Maggie to love.

  4. Wowzers! Love love love the green buffet! :0) The cake is fabulous and what are those little cupcake looking creations. She is such a little sweetheart. Blessings.

  5. I think you had us waiting...with glee this morning...wondering what all the going green meant.
    I remember the Ernie and Bert themes form Sesame street. Those were the days...I don't know if I could keep up with all these themes anymore.

  6. She is absolutely adorable and I love that green hat!! What a fabulous theme! I really miss when my niece was this age. It seems so long ago. She is going to be 14 this year. But thankfully she is still the most wonderful girl.

  7. Heidi,you have a most gorgeous. darling little girl. How she has grown. What a special grammy to spoil her. Blessings to you both.

  8. She is a sweetie - that hair!!
    Clicking on the mosaic made me smile - it so nice to see a birthday party that is happening at home, with family and friends and is a real celebration of the birthday girl. Good for Mum and Dad (and Grandma!) for putting such a lovely party together.

  9. WOW! Talented Grandmother and a talented mother too. Maelyn is a special girl. I love the decorations and I really love the hat! What a great smile in the last picture. Happy birthday little one!

  10. Darling post for a very sweet little girl. I was thinking I should have talked Grandgirlie into sending her favorite huge plush frog which she sleeps with. . .it's bigger than a 2 year old .. .but soft as a pillow.

  11. I love that she loves frogs!! And that so many great frog themed items were included in her celebration. She may pretend to be a frog, but a kiss from a Prince is not needed (yet!) to turn her into a Princess!
    (PS: I have a big French Terry frog that croakes We Wish You a Merry Christmas. It is one of my favorite Christmas decorations!)

  12. She's a darling! And that green buffet is amazing. I loved doing birthday parties for my children and they still talk about them. What fun for Grandma to help and to be there!

  13. Happy birthday to sweet Maggie! I enjoyed looking at all the froggie foods and desserts at her party and I know you must have made many of them, Judy! The apple frogs were really inventive :)

  14. Oh so cute!!! Judy, you know how to add to the special occasions! Love the green themed cake and all the little froggies. Hapy Birthday to M.

  15. Clicked and noticed my typo ... I think I should have said, Hoppy Birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet little granddaughter. Her froggy party looks like a very exciting affair. The green buffet would indicate that the birthday girl has some very talented and creative family members. It seems that no details were overlooked in the planning of this party. Very cute.

  17. Maelyn spent the afternoon repacking and opening her presents. She slept not a wink duing nap time, but crashed hard into her crib before 7pm.

    We still can't convince her she's 2. "Not 2! Just 3."

    Ah well.

  18. AND -- thanks for the cake and cupcakes. Tim was thankful there were leftovers. Caregroup will be eating frog cupcakes (currently frozen) for the next 2 wks at least too!

  19. Awwww, she is beautiful and precious. Happy Birthday to Magdelyn! What a fun theme!

  20. I hopped over here tonight, not even sure from which blog...?? :)

    I so enjoyed the visit, the beautiful photos and descriptions! Thanks for letting me share.




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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson