Monday, August 6, 2012

British Columbia Day...

That would be today...
August 6th.

You may know this statutory holiday by another name...
but in this part of the world...
it is B.C. Day.

It seems appropriate to post some scenery pic's from beautiful B.C. today.
I'll take you to a few of the lakes we visited over the past week.

First stop...
a few of the lakes of Whistler.

Right near our campground was Green Lake.
We rode our bikes around it and on down the trail... Alta Lake.
Those are B.C. geese...
known as Canada Geese when they leave the province.

Lower Joffre Lake...
a 500 meter walk from the parking lot.

Middle Joffre Lake...
a 4 kilometer hike from the base.

Upper Joffre Lake...
next time!

Duffy Lake...
north of Whistler.

Seton Lake...
a little further up the road.

And right close to home...
Harrison Lake.
A fine place to be on a hot Sunday evening as the sun goes down...
waffle cone in hand.

Have a wonderful B.C. Day!


  1. No doubt about it , your country is soooo beautiful. There's just something very special about blue, blue lakes and mountains isn't there?
    You are so lucky to live there.

  2. If your tourist bureau was on top of things, they would hire you to do their advertising photography. My husband asked when we could plan a trip to BC? Outstanding beauty and skilled photographer!

  3. It very nearly takes the breath away...such beauty!

  4. Once again I'm struck by the beauty of our province - although this holiday will forever be stuck in my brain as the August First Long Weekend!

  5. Beautiful photos! Happy holiday to you!

  6. Such beautiful scenery but it's the geese that thrilled me the most...

  7. What a great post! Love the pictures. Did not know that the geese are BC geese but Canada geese when they leave the province. I like it!

  8. Beautiful scenes Judy. I guess my sister Lana and her hubby decided to celebrate with all of you today. They are in Canada headed to Whistler via Minter Gardens. They will be driving 350 miles today. Happy B.C. Day to you!

  9. Yes. Today is a beautiful day and so is the weather. Once again...a fresh walk/chat in the morning and what better way to start my day...on this BC holiday. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Beautiful lakes...beautiful pictures!!

  11. Hope I get a chance to go to Harrison when I'm down there towards the end of the month! What a fabulous place!

  12. Each and every lake is a masterpiece! Wonderful photos, Judy. Happy BC Day!

  13. You are lucky to live so close to such beautiful lakes in "Beautiful BC" Hope your day was happy and that the weather was great!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful photos and scenery! We've been to Harrison Lake and Hot Springs 34 years ago! Enjoy.

  15. Mountains, blue skies, the water, the flowers, and the is all exquisitely beautiful! I just am so happy that you share it all with us.

  16. Judy those lake photos that are glacier fed are just amazing. They should go in an album. :)


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