Wednesday, August 15, 2012

family reunion 2012

We had a reunion on the weekend...
cousins, uncles, aunts and others...
who were somehow grafted into the Baerg family tree.
They came from California, Idaho and Texas...
Manitoba, Alberta and different parts of British Columbia.

The sun shone down on us.
We played hard...
and a good time was had by all.

As I mentioned earlier...
we were also celebrating the 90th birthday of the oldest of the clan.
That would be my dad!

He always likes a party...
and was quite tickled to start his 90th festivities a wee bit early.
The cake was amazing...moist and delicious!
It was baked and decorated by my niece Lauren for her grandpa.

Every evening found us gathered around the campfire down by the creek...
making music.
We all seemed to know the words to the first verse of every song!
After that it was a choir of hummers.

By the time someone thought of taking a group photo...
some were already on their way home. 

It was a good time...
a time of re-discovering what matters most in a family.
What matters most is that we all show up at the big reunion in glory one fine day!

I'm off at the lake this week (where there is no internet)...
in case it seems like I am MIA.
It's a sisterly getaway.
 I'll be back.


  1. It is so neat to see large extended families doing this. It takes time and planning and certainly looks worthwhile.
    I love that cake. What a great job your niece did.

    Enjoy that sisterly get away!

  2. Wow! Your family knows how to do it right. The cake is perfect for your dad... wonderful job. Love the family photo at the end and you're so right...the most important reunion is the one that Heaven will provide.

    Have a great time with your sisters!

  3. Love the comment about the hummers! Priceless. Looks like another great event for everyone involved!

  4. This is great! Your dad is loking good!
    I wish you a great time with your sisters.

  5. What a wonderful family reunion to honor your dad on his 90th Birthday! God bless him on his way to 100!

    I hope you enjoy your sisters. make sure to read back through my blog when you return to see my "big news!" :)

  6. Your dad looks very happy with that cake. Another funny thing about blogging - I've never met your dad, but when The Great Dane presented me with a little red Ford (my first Ford ever) I thought 'Judy's dad would approve'.

  7. What a fun gathering. You had mentioned this family reunion earlier, so I didn't contact you about getting together while we were in town over the weekend. Some day I hope it works out. I did go to Winks with my mom, and we met Kathy there.

    It's amazing how families grow, isn't it? What memories you all share, and how great to celebrate your dad's birthday with everyone! Enjoy your sister getaway.

  8. How lovely! Wish I was there :/ Miss my family a lot lately... I suppose when it's summer over there, and everyone is getting out and doing lots, I feel so disconnected. Looks like it was a nice time!

  9. Family reunions are a lot of fun. I love that your dad celebrated his 90th with so many family around him. The cake is pretty awesome! Great idea. I'm having a family reunion on Sept. 1 as my sister will be home. She's flying in from Chilliwack (Vancouver) tonight and I can't wait to see her. It's been years! Enjoy your sisterly weekend. Pamela

  10. It sounds wonderful and very special, right down to the campfires and singing together. Were you at someone's home, or a camp facility? I don't recognize the creek or the building as yours...


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson