Friday, August 17, 2012

what became of the old JD?

I was off on a mission...
looking for pie cherries in countryside of Abbotsford....
when I spotted an old John Deere tractor that looked just like the one my dad had.

 For years he used it to cultivate corn.

And after that he had it parked on his driveway.
It was an antique with a purpose.
The purpose was to keep traffic from using his driveway as a 'U-turn-route'.
When he sold his place...
the John Deere found a new home in my uncle and aunt's backyard.
It sat there for more than a decade.

Recently their place sold.
The John Deere needed a new home.
Someone came and picked it up.

Now I know where it went!

If you happen to do the Circle Farm Tour in Abbotsford...
check out dad's old JD at Maan Farms.

It has a new lease on life!


  1. Now that is very cool. Every market should have a tractor parked like that. It must make your dad happy to know this.

  2. It's nice to know that an old work horse still has a farm to call home!

  3. Oh....that is his! What a perfect home for the tractor. Our littles will enjoy riding it there.

  4. What a neat surprise for you! So glad the people that got it appreciate it and are taking good care of it!

  5. That fun! It really has made the rounds.

  6. Hey, Judy.. I've seen it there. I's quite sure my grandson even "rode" it. That's neat to know where it came from!

  7. Great to see this great-looking old "B"! We have one, but it needs to be restored.

  8. It looks like it is in perfect condition, Judy, and could still do the job! I'm glad it was bought and cared for so it can go on telling its story :)

    Thanks for your best wishes! Our move will be an adventure for us in many ways.

  9. How fun to "find" your Dad's tractor, still delighting the crowds.

  10. Aww, that's so sweet! It still looks great too!

  11. That is so neat! I love old tractors!

  12. Hi Judy,

    It would be wonderful if a small historical plaque could be place near the JD explaining its history. While its history must seem "shrug worthy" to your Dad, it won't be long before folks will consider it a curiosity and wonder about its history.

  13. That is very cool!!!! I like the idea of putting a plaque on it!

  14. Now that's a story with a great ending Judy - I wonder how many snapshots will be taken of your Dad's old John Deere. The old saying "Nothing runs like a Deere" is so true. The Farmer's Dad's John Deere is still being used and I think it was of '58 vintage.


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