Wednesday, August 1, 2012

postcard from whistler...

We are at the top of the world...again!

It's a fine place to be during the Olympic Games of 2012.
We are watching the games on the big screen...
at the Whistler Olympic Plaza.



  1. Wow! That's snow up there right now? August oneth? Oh my!

  2. What a great place! We are watching from a den in south Texas while feeding a bunch of babies!

  3. I saw those flags on Friday! Isn't it beautiful up there?

  4. Those photos have been repeated over and over and yet I love them each time. Truly that is Whistler. Keep enjoying that wonderful weather.

  5. There couldn't be a better place on a sunny August afternoon!

  6. Such a fabulous view up there on Mt. Whistler! I am in Nebraska tonight...long two day drives ahead.


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson