Thursday, August 23, 2012

the after-wedding party...

With Saturday's wedding behind her...
the MOB sent out an impromptu invitation to 'the girls' for the following evening..
Come for an evening of appetizers and refreshments, if you are free.
And bring the guys.

We came...those of us who live close enough and had a free night. 
We had such a fun evening under the wedding tents.
The guys talked shop...and what not.

The girls heard all about the wedding...
admired the beautifully packaged gifts still waiting to be opened...
and never talked shop at all!

We enjoyed the wonderful appie buffet.
 And we all had a lot of fun!

Can you tell?

And then we left for home bearing bouquets of sunflowers.
It was the best after-wedding!


  1. It does look as if you gals have figured out how to have a lot of fun! You look great on a bike or wearing sunflowers.

  2. That is just delightful!! Your friendships and the way you enjoy life warms my heart! What an great example you are! Our wedding is coming up fast and I hope I can be as graceful as that special MOB (can't wait for her to start blogging again).

  3. How fun! You girls do all look like you're having a great time.

  4. I love an 'after' party, and this one looks like it was very, very good!

  5. OH.....looks like you had a fun fun time together. As we drove by and honked I wished...for just a few minutes that we were not going camping. We were sorry to miss the after wedding party. Glad to see you had fun...and not surprised that the food looked good:)

  6. Yes, God has blessed me with girls after my own heart. Good food, good fellowship and good times growing old together. I can even participate from afar...

  7. I loved that evening. It was so relaxing and so yummy and we all felt very special to be invited for the debriefing from the MOB!

  8. I love the photo of the "Sunflower Girls" it's beautiful!

  9. Look at those happy smiles and beautiful sunflowers! There is nothing better than having an entire "wedding weekend" celebration!

  10. What a great idea...using the tents again and having help eating the leftovers! The picture of you girls with the sunflowers is great!

  11. I love these spontaneous type of get togethers!
    So glad we made ourselves "free"!

  12. What a perfect way to end a wedding celebration! I like the idea of an "after the wedding party", and I can't imagine how much fun you all had. What a good picture of all of you! Looks like such a fun group to sit and share with. Sunflowers to take home was the best way to end it all.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson