Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I  meet with a group of friends regularly.  Not face to face...but  in our virtual 'meeting room' over at g-mail.  It seems I usually know what they are up to. These friends are a mobile lot...and are often checking into our 'meeting room' from afar.  Rarely are all ten of us home at the same time. Yet...it is easy to stay connected.

  MGCC ~ a face-to-face meeting in July

I know how each and every one of them celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday over the weekend.

  • Ellen went to the Seattle Sounders game...and is taking notes in preparation for her own Thanksgiving celebrations next month. 
  • Betty celebrated her birthday...and anniversary...and Thanksgiving all rolled into one!
  • Julie cooked turkey for 32...and had plenty to spare.
  • I know Marg celebrated in the great outdoors...trampled through fallen leaves on forest trails...and came home to cook a turkey outside in her turkey fryer.
  • Bev went to church while her turkey cooked back home....and cooked a ham as well.
  • Charlotte hosted a Thanksgiving buffet at her home...with every available chair being used.  
  •  I know that Kathy had turkey dinner with her family on Sunday afternoon.
  •  Lovella?  She hosted a Thanksgiving wiener roast...and picked apples off the tree...and dipped them in caramel sauce.
  • I know Anneliese was celebrating with her family at their cabin on the lake.  

We like celebrations...the ten of us over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook!  And we had another reason to celebrate this past weekend...as we were finally able to reveal our secret.  Yes...there is a second MGCC cookbook in the works...and it will be out next spring.  It is simply called Celebrations.  You will like it.  I know.  Hop over to the MGCC blog and leave us a comment for a chance to win a copy of the new cookbook.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family yesterday.  Tonight we are celebrating again...with more family.  Celebrations are a good thing!


  1. Cool to read where and how each one celebrated Thanksgiving! Going off to work 'celebrating life in a caring Christian environment'! Thankful each day for small and large celebrations! Congratulations on the 2nd book contract!!

  2. Congratulations on the 2nd book! I am so thrilled for you girls. I can't wait to have it in my collection.

  3. I feel blessed to have met this random group and hang out in our virtual meeting place.It's a place for prayer, support and encouragement...oh and don't forget the word 'business'

  4. What good news - and I look forward to buying a copy in the spring!

  5. I love this, Holidays as a portible conduit to friends...you are something, Judy!

  6. I enjoyed reading about how each gal celebrated... This was such good and exciting news. It explains a few things!

  7. Let the celebrations keep going!!! Can't wait to own "Celebrations"! You gals are amazing....

  8. Ahh yes, we do love to celebrate. I celebrate the day God brought us all together, too. 10 different ladies but one central thing that binds us together.

  9. Congratulations on your new cookbook! That's exciting. I'm going to pop over to MGCC right now for my chance to win one. Blessings, Pamela P.S. that's a great picture of you all!

  10. What great news! Cause for celebration, indeed!

  11. So nice to get a update on everyone at once! Lots of ways to celebrate and all of them good!

  12. You girls are good secert keepers! Such exciting news...another opportunity to help those children!

  13. Congratulations to you all, Judy! I can't wait to see the new "Celebrations" cookbook! I'm sure it will be full of useful recipes for any occasion!

  14. No group of people I know is better at creating ways to celebrate than all of you, and I say it is time that you share it all in book form. Congratulations to each of you! I can't wait to buy it.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson