Friday, January 11, 2013

winter pleasures...

After a rather grey and dreary week...
we had a beautiful day yesterday.
We decided to try playing tennis at our favorite court yesterday afternoon...
my friend and I.  
How does one dress for winter tennis?  
We laughed when we arrived at the court to see we looked like we were on the same team.  
We were both dressed in black stretchy pants and jackets...
with white down vests.  
Gloves without fingers might have been nice...
but we warmed up after a while. 
 It was so good to be outdoors on such a beautiful winter day.  
And the bonus of playing tennis in January is that no one else is on the court!

This was the view as I drove home from the tennis courts.

 I never tire of it.

Mt. all her glory!

I've had lunch with Dad and Marge at the cafe in their apartment complex quite often...
and thoroughly enjoy the potato soup that is served there.
Yesterday I cooked up my own version...
and it was the perfect meal on a cold winter day.

I'll be posting the recipe on the MGCC blog sometime soon.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Tennis is one sport, out of many, that I've never tried. I loved badminton though when I was much younger. ;) Beautiful photos of Mount Cheam in the late day sun. Wow. Gorgeous. I'll be watching for your potato soup recipe. It looks scrumptious! I hope you have a beautiful weekend with more sunshine. Blessings, Pamela

  2. What an exhilerating way to spend a beautiful sunny winter's day! Your mountain is stunning - no wonder you never tire of it!!! I'll be watching for your soup recipe too - looks delish!

  3. I can see your first photo showing up as a gorgeous header one day soon. Breathtaking and no wonder that you never tire of it.

    We just finished up two days of potato soup. We had to use up those Christmas potatoes and there will be no more for some time if the scale is any indication. Yours looks especially delish. Ours had sour cream atop and some chunks of sausage...Christmas sausage...there'll be no more of that either.

  4. Good for you getting outdoors - it's harder to move in the winter but I always feel better afterwards.

    Those mountain views are stunning!

    And I'm looking forward to your potato soup recipe. It's good weather here for a nice warming soup!

  5. I'm on my way out the door to walk ... but playing tennis? Wow! I admire you!

  6. Judy - you have captured the mountains in their loveliest garments. You and I share the same view (we're a few country blocks closer to the mountain) and I too never tire of the view. Each morning as I stand at my sink I am reminded of Him, who made the mountains and clothes the earth in beauty.

  7. Such beautiful views and that soup is calling to me!!

  8. Gorgeous views of the sun on the mountains. Such welcome light these days. The potato soup looks delicious! In Ecuador, potato soup is served with some chopped hardboiled egg and diced avocado. We learned to love it and still eat it that way.
    Tennis in January! Don't we live in a lovely corner of the world?

  9. I am still chuckling as I looked at the Boobsy twins walking on the court.
    The best part was being outside...and I too got some wonderful photos of that great mountain. That's my kind of a day! and guess what? We too had a version of Kale corn chowder soup.

  10. I just live that you and Marg play tennis. And that you share your area's beauty with us, even if you skipped a photo of you two doing the twin thing.

  11. I think I know who that tennis-playing twin was!
    Your photos of the mountain are gorgeous! I am looking forward to being in your part of the world in the last week of the month. I always love seeing the mountains in the winter. I hope the roads are good!

  12. Mount Cheam is spectacular in your photos...I will pat you on the back from afar. I am impressed that you and Marg even attempted to play tennis in January. The court must have been very dry...I can appreciate your desire to get outdoors.

  13. Those mountains are just beautiful. I love that I can see the mountains these sunny days. They are positively glistening! Funny comment Marg!

  14. Popped over from another blog.

    Those pictures are just beautiful!
    The soup looks yummy too.

    M :)

  15. I know for a fact, that I never could have concentrated on tennis if that scene would have been available. What an outstanding view you have to drive in! The tennis, the mountains, and the soup are ingredients for a perfect day in my book.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson