Friday, February 8, 2013

a few national treasures...

The Canadian Tenors are on a North American tour...
and had several concerts on the west coast this past week.

Though they are officially known as The Tenors now...
having dropped 'Canadian' from their title...
they are 100 percent Canadian and great ambassadors for our country in the musical arena.

We took in a concert on the weekend...
and were so glad we did!

They have performed for the Queen...
been on Oprah...
toured with David Foster...
and performed at the Emmy Awards.
If they are coming to your neighbourhood anytime soon...
go hear them in concert.
You won't be sorry!

My favorite tune?

And on another front...

(photo courtesy Special Olympics facebook page)'s a group of Canadian guys that did us proud in Korea this week.

The Canada West Floor Hockey Team
won gold at the Special Olympics in Seoul, Korea on Tuesday.
I just happen to know  the goalie...
Tyler Gilbert of Saskatoon...
and am so happy for him!

I will be leaving all things Canadian behind for a bit...
and am off to visit the largest city in the world.
I may just send a postcard or two.

If not...
I'll be back before you know it!


  1. Oh that was lovely... They should not have given up "Canadian" so soon. There are so many incredible singers from your fair country. They should wear it as a badge of honor. Congrats to the gold medal winners, too! Happy trails, Judy, to you and Elmer and anyone else who's along for the journey. I am looking forward to the stories you will tell.

  2. That must have been an evening of wonderful music, Judy. I have lots here at home on CD. Bon Voyage!

  3. Safe travels Judy.....sounds like an exotic adventure and I am looking forward to those post cards! Will have to check out The Tenors itinerary to see when they are performing in our area.

  4. Judy I so love the Tenors! Watched a special on the on PBS (Public Broadcasting System)..they are ineradicable people on top of the gift of song! So jealous you were able to see them live!

    Safe travels, as always look forward to your photos!


  5. Sounds like a perfect outing for you and your guy. Wow...the largest city in the world. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  6. That song always remeinds me of the opening ceremony in 2010 Olympics, whre I first heard it. The words confused me then and still do, but the music is beautiful!
    Oh, Judy.... have such a great time in China and don't forget to send those postcards.

  7. You know a famous someone personally, and he(the goalie) knows a famous cook like you personally. You are both so fortunate:) Who knows, he may someday post pictures of you and the MGCC crew on his blog:)

  8. I've never heard the Tenors except on TV but I think they are coming to New Brunswick soon on their tour. Enjoy your vacation and we'll watch for a post card. Safe travels. Blessings, Pamela

  9. I love how you do the things I think about doing!
    I sure am counting on that post card! Have a most fantastic time. It should be quite festive there at this time of year.

  10. Judy we so appreciate you recognizing Tyler's team!! They are so proud, we appreciate you sharing the news!! All the best on your trip! Elaine & Amy-Jo

  11. I've heard them, they are amazing! Have a wonderful trip & safe travels!

  12. That's one concert I would so enjoy going to.

  13. A friend and her husband just recently went to one of their concerts. She said they were absolutely wonderful. xoxox

  14. Canada should be very proud of it's tenors and hocky team!

    Judy, are you in China??!! Wow! have a wonderful time and safe travels!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson