Monday, February 25, 2013

back to china ~ wuxi and tai lake

Nestled on the northern shore of Tai Lake...and just 80 miles northwest of Shanghai...lies the 'wee town' of Wuxi.  With a mere 5 million people living had a small town feeling compared to Shanghai!

We visited the famous Xihui Park...considered to be an 'open air museum' of the history of Wuxi.  

Many features are of historical and cultural interest...and date back to the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qin dynasties.  

By now I have long forgotten the significance of each of the buildings and gardens that we saw...but I'll just take you on a 'low-commentary' tour!

Things looked most festive...

...with lanterns hanging everywhere as part of the Chinese New Year decor. 

We strolled pathways and gardens...and observed incense and candles burning here and there along the way.  Of what significance...I'm not sure.

The 'Thousand Hand' statue is a symbol of compassion seen throughout the Far East.

The Huishan Temple...was originally an imperial palace and became a temple during the Sui Dynasty around 600 AD.   Everything is older than I can wrap my mind around!

Before we left the park...we added our signature to the 'greeting wall'.  I don't think many will be able to read it, however! Some years ago...we did a road trip to Alaska and stopped off at Watson Lake, Yukon where we left our signature at the famous sign-post forest.  Of course we had to leave our calling card in China as well!

We paid a visit to Turtle's Head Park...a large park situated on the shores of Tai Lake.

It was rather a picturesque place...

...a prime tourist location.

We were privileged to take in a local musical performance while in the park.

How this happened...I'll never know! I have no idea how to play a harp...and I don't normally dress in Chinese robes.

But somehow a few of us found ourselves on stage.  Can you tell that we are somewhat taller than those who usually wear those clothes? We left the robes behind...

...bade farewell to Tai Lake and were soon our our way to Nanjing.  To be continued...


  1. Wow. Such beautiful images. It is hard to wrap one's mind around the age of this society and the buildings compared to Canada or North America even. How fun that you got to 'perform' on stage too. :) Thanks for sharing your trip with us Judy.

  2. Amazing! I love the image of one thousand hands of compassion. You took some beautiful pictures Judy. What a whirlwind tour you folks had! It really is a foreign land with ancient, ancient history!

  3. Beautiful photos Judy! What fun to get all dressed up in those elaborate clothes! You look quite at home with that harp!

  4. So fun to see you robed Judy! You are such a good sport all the time and can imagine you and your travel mates enjoying the concert.

  5. Judy you are the BEST for sharing both the scenes and yourself in the scene! A once in a life time moment, right?

  6. Really enjoying the photo's Judy, and you have taken many great ones.


  7. I like you the way you are...It was fun chatting about your trip and catching up with your purchases. That sure is something else isn't it when you wrap your head around the timeless monuments.
    So I expect to see you playing harp on our church's worship team.

  8. So many cool things, it must be so overwhelming to have taken in so many venues and so much culture in such a short time! Glad you made the most of it and are sharing it with us!

  9. I hardly recognized you in that new style! I bet it was fun to try it on!

  10. look natural playing that harp! Interesting photos...colorful!

  11. I did a double take on that photo of your wearing the robes. =D You really pulled it off well...they look beautiful on you.

    Intriguing architecture and beautiful scenes. My favorite was of the red lanterns...just wonderful.

  12. It all looks so exotic and mysterious. What a wonderful tour you went on. You looked so pretty in that red kimono, Judy, but I agree it was way too!

    I'm curious as to how you liked the food?

  13. I must admit, I did a double take when I saw these last few pictures. I never know where I will find you, or what fun idea you will come up with next. What pretty pictures of you and your friend! I think it is such a great idea that you chose to partake of such a fun adventure. The pictures are so interesting!

  14. Beautiful!! Just as Pat says - exotic and mysterious - and beautiful!!

  15. So lovely.....and look at you performing. You never told us:)


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