Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a few sweet things...

Did you know that Valentine's Day is just around the corner?
We kind of turned that corner a little early over here this year...

...and had our wee Valentine's party with the grands already. 

Guess who was the most enthusiastic about having a tea party at Grammy's house?

She has no recollection of ever doing this before!
Finger jello hearts were just what Lucy ordered.

White chocolate Valentine popcorn is a simple and yummy treat.

We had a lovely time...
big kids and little.

The wee china set that I got at four years of age and have kept intact all these years...
is no longer complete.
And I can't even blame the grands.
As I walked past the set tea party table...
I hooked onto the tablecloth and yanked everything onto the floor.
Two dishes shattered...
and will forever be missing from the set.
It's OK.
Who keeps china for almost six decades?
Speaking of  'china'...
I will be missing from 'my front porch' next week.
We are going on an adventure!
 I think I'll be drinking tea and eating rice.
I'll end with something a little sad and not so sweet.
We are off to a funeral today...
to celebrate the life of a man who is close to our family.
He is the 'other' grandfather to Maggie and Lucy...
the father of my son-in-law.
He loved his grands...
he loved his family.
He was called home before he reached old age.
Our hearts go out to them...
Tim and Heidi, Maggie and Lucy...
and all of the family.
Life is not always easy...
but God is always faithful!


  1. I'm so glad that Lucy has joined the party. It used to be that she was napping. =D

    Oh, I am sorry for the loss of Lucy and Maggie's paternal grandpa. I know from personal experience that a grandfather is a wonderful influence in a child's life and losing one so soon makes a difference. Heaven's gain, though a family's loss.

    Happy trails as you and Elmer take off on another adventure. Eating rice? Are you going to China? Japan?

  2. What a cute tea party! Sorry the set is no longer in tact though :(

    Praying for the family today; my husband will be there too as he grew up with the family.

  3. Lucky grandchildren, happy Grandma (except for the broken china) What a lovely party you had for them all.
    Our prayers go with your daughter and SIL and their family. You said it truly: "Life is not always easy but God is always faithful."

  4. This all looks wonderful. Enjoy your adventure and I will be thinking of your family during their sad time too.

  5. How fun for the grands....sorry about the broken china. It will now always be a reminder it was put to good use!

    Praying for your SIL and family, my post for today more timely than I thought.
    God is amazing!!


  6. It is so true that life is not always easy but our God is faithful. Praying for your family and it's extension at this tough time.
    Love the little view into the fun Tea Party and seeing Lucy growing up to enjoy it.

  7. Love the little tea party and so nice to see Lucy joining in and enjoying the finger jello hearts.

    I'm sorry for the loss in your extended family. Losing a father and grandfather leaves a huge hole.

    China? Japan? Thailand? Enjoy your trip!

  8. Your little Valentine is a cutie pie. How lucky to have a grammy who plans such nice tea parties.
    I am sorry to hear about the loss of a much loved father and grandfather. My heart goes out to all of you today.

  9. Sweet tradition. You might be able to find replacement dishes with a little bit of Internet time, if you know the manufacturer.

    So sorry the grands memories of their other grandfather will not include future mile stone events. Except the reunion in heaven of course. Praying for comfort for the family at this time.

  10. I love your Valentine's parties. I am feeling so deprived from my childhood that I never had a tea party. But I always feel uplifted after a party at your home. I can just see you making that mad dash..and snagging..ARG..
    Have a wonderful week away.

  11. You've started a special tradition and it's always fun to see the reaction of the new kid on the block. Your table looks like a lot of fun ... not just for little ones. So sorry about the sadness that sometimes accompanies these events.

  12. What a pretty tea party!
    Hope you have a wonderful adventure.

  13. I'm both happy and sad here at your front porch. The sweet blessing of those little ones is such a gift...the little one you featured this year is precious....and I sure know the other ones are too. The little tea set cared for and enjoyed over the years.....sorry about your little accident that caused breakage.
    Praying for Tim and Heide, their family and each of you as you gather today to say farewell to a loved dad, grandpa and friend. May the peace of God rest in your hearts.
    A trip nice!

  14. What a pretty wee Valentine party and such a sweet little attendee. You are the best Grammie ever to plan such fun events! You might be able to find some replacement pieces for your Tea Set on line or at a flea market?
    So sorry to hear about the sadness and great loss of a special father, husband and grandfather. Sending a prayer your way today.
    I am looking forward to postcards from the far east! Hugs......

  15. OH I smiled and felt sad and chuckled all in this post. My favorite line...speaking of china. You crack me up... pun intended.

    OH but I wish I could have come for tea looks ever so fun! You really are the best grammy.
    My sympathies to your dear children on the passing. May God give strength and peace during this very difficult time.

    Have a most wonderful time. You are the best trip reporter and I know you won't dissapoint. The things we do to have blog fodder.

  16. What a fun tea party! I love jello jigglers too. I'm sorry you had a sorrowful week. I do hope you enjoy your upcoming trip and wish you very safe travels. Blessings, Pamela

  17. Perhaps you can find a new tea party set during your travels?!! Hope so. I have a dainty tea set from my sister's trip to Thailand a few years ago. It has also seen many tea parties.

  18. The party looks like fun! Sorry about the death in your family. You are right God is faithful and I trust he will comfort you all during this time. Have fun on your trip!

  19. I have kept china for 5 decades... I have the same set and always enjoy seeing your photos. Sadly, a few pieces of my tea set were broken a few years ago and I have since pondered trying to find replacements. Am looking forward to sharing a tea party with my granddaughters--thank you for the inspiration!

  20. What a decadent memorable party!!! The shattered 60 year old china...that sucks! Maybe you can find a replacement on Ebay? I'm sure someone else has also kept theirs for 60 years! And our sympathy to Heidi and hubby...that really sucks! All the best on your adventure, will look forward to fabulous posts when you get back! Go photo crazy!

  21. My deepest condolences to Tim & Heidi and your family, Judy. Sad news indeed. May they be comforted by good memories and God's promise to us.

    A life lost and a life born -- my grand daughter was born yesterday! We are so happy and excited.

  22. You are sharing so many pretty, memorable moments for your grands. They are most blessed to have you as their grandma. The hearts and flowers on the table look like a magazine picture. The smile on the little one's face say it all.

    As for the unexpected death in Tim and Heidi's family, I am so sorry for all involved. Saying goodbye to a dad and grandpa is so painful.
    My prayers will be with you all as you travel.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson