Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Nanjing was once the capital of China...
...and is a large commercial center today.
It has population of seven million.

We entered the city through the gates of the city wall...
a wall that was built by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhuang to protect the city 600 years ago.   

The wall remains in good condition today.

Our destination?
The Fuzimiao Walking Street...

...where the lantern festival was in full gear. 

Our tour guide took us to the centre of the 'pedestrian only' zone...
...and then left us to our own devices.

As you can see...
we weren't really ALL on our own!

The sun was about to set... we strolled along the Quinhaui River.

I'm not sure what happens along the river the rest of the year...

...but being there over the Chinese New Year was most special. 

And just in case some of the fireworks 'missfired'...

...these guys were ready.
They looked like they meant business!

For those who thought it was dinnertime...
there were many choices.

We enjoyed our time with the crowds along the river..
and even found our way back to the designated meeting place on schedule.

In the morning...
we spent some time at Xuanwu Lake.

Our tour guides dropped us off at the entrance to the park...
and we set off to explore.

 Maggie was a local guide who joined John for this part of our tour...
a most delightful gal.

It was a lovely morning for a walk in the park.

Though it appears that everything is shrouded in mist...
it seems that is the norm over there.
The sun finds it hard to break through the pollution.

It was Valentine's Day.
I think they knew it.

We so enjoyed watching the people in the park that morning.

Some were doing their morning stretches.
Others were rollerblading...
or playing badminton...
or making music...
or turning cartwheels.
The cart-wheeler and the badminton players were all about 80- years old. 
How fun is that?

These men brought their birds out to the park for some fresh air.
Some two dozen bird cages were hanging from the bare branches...
and the birds were singing up a storm.

And so ended our stay in Nanjing... 
 with all the locals who were enjoying their holiday in the park.


  1. You mean that it was a nice day except for the smog? I keep thinking it's cloudy and rainy. Hmmm... That wall is amazing and I am amused by the birds being taken out for fresh air. Wonderful river scenes, too.

  2. It's all so very different, but so fascinating. Full of colour, of people, of decoration.

  3. Wow - is all I can say. You've captured some absolutely stunning pictures! All so exotic and colourful. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure to the absolute other side of the world with us!

  4. I love the beautiful reds, the lanterns and the coloured lights on the river. I don't know if I could stand days of foggy smog though. It would be depressing without sunshine. I guess the bright colours help. Beautiful photos Judy. You really captured the feel of the place. Imagine taking your pet birds outdoors for 'fresh' air!? So interesting.

  5. Love the night time shots! The haze reminds me of some early smog days in Southern California when we would get smog alerts regularly. They've really worked to clear that problem up down there.

  6. I am thankful that you were there doing the Chinese New Year, because all those lights are beautiful! Actually, I once again found this all so very interesting! I am sure it is the closest I will get to visiting it in person. You photography and documentation of this trip, is so well done!

  7. So many people everywhere. I guess that's to be expected. Those lanterns are really striking.

  8. Such interesting pictures. The colorful lights on the river are beautiful! You really made the most of your week!

  9. Fabulous pictures! They just glow.

  10. You were so fortunate to be in China during theri new Year celebrations as I think it made your views even more spectacular! The red lanterns were so beautiful!

  11. I am really enjoying your wonderful photo's...thanks for sharing

  12. You could of fit right in with your exercise program. I recognized that young couple enjoying a walk in the park. Chinese New Year and all the bright colors...What a wonderful way for you to take the time to record your daily observations and share them with all of us.


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