Thursday, February 28, 2013

west lake ~ hangzhou, china...

 A designated World Heritage site...
West Lake has been a paradise for the Chinese people of all walks of life for centuries.

We  enjoyed a boat ride on the scenic lake.

Once again...
there was no sun to be seen.

But boats in the mist...

...with mysterious shapes in the background
...make for fine photos as well.

Not everyone had the privilege of  being on a boat with a motor.

 Most were self-propelled.

Water taxis...
they were.

I think I'd prefer to ride the dragon boat!

Pagodas... the gardens and across the lake.

Top Hoi Who...
our local guide in Hangzhou.

He got us to each of our venues most efficiently...
and to the front of the line-up every time.

While in Hangzhou...
we were privileged to take in an evening performance at the theatre.
Night of West Lake.
We had no expectations going in.
What a treat we were in for!

It was just the best!

Four motorcyclists raced around inside this sphere...
all at once!

And guess what?
Three of them were girl riders.

As for this troupe...
they were absolutely amazing.

(click to watch.)
It's all about reaching out to those in need...
We couldn't really understand  the lyrics!

 The evening ended far too quickly...
as did our time in Hangzou...
the love and leisure capital of China. :)


Our guide took us down to the lake after the performance.

West Lake at night...
a lovely site!

In case you are wondering if this tour will ever come to an end...
the next stop is Shanghai.
That's where we begin and end our tour.


  1. I'm enjoying the tour! And I'm sending a friend over who loves dragons just to see that amazing boat.

  2. I am enjoying the tour too Judy. It's simply stunning and I think you've captured the beauty and emotions so well! Love, love, the amazing boats and the pretty lake - WOW! Hope your radio interview goes well today :).

  3. Absolutely stunning photos. I like the foggy photos on the lake but as I said yesterday, I couldn't stand to be without sunshine for long.

  4. That dragon boat!!!
    The misty light photos were lovely for lake scenes.

  5. Love the boats, the simple and the elaborate ones! That really does look like an amazing performance you got to enjoy...

  6. This is a great tour, Judy. Love all those boats. I'd get weary of never seeing the sun, though. Hopefully it does shine sometimes!

    I hope this afternoon's radio spot goes well for you girls.

  7. Enjoyed the trip !

    Awesome about radio spot..

    Good luck!


  8. What an awesome show!!!! guys packed in sooooo much for soooo little time! And I am not in any rush to have an end to the slideshow! Have a blast today "On Air"...further the cause!

  9. It's amazing how you packed in so many wonderful experiences. I can tell that you really appreciated the artistic work of that special show. What a way to show off your country. West Lake looks beautiful at night.

  10. LOVE that Dragon Boat!!!!!! Whoooo-hooooo! :-)

    I am the dragon-lover-friend, whom Vee sent over. :-)


  11. And if my Icon is too small, to show up clearly..... It's a little girl, sitting on a dragon's head, while painting a wall. :-)))))))))


  12. What a beautiful show you saw at West Lake! Such perfection!

    I listened to your radio interview this afternoon, Judy, and really enjoyed hearing your voice as well as Marg's and Lovella's. Very nice interview!

  13. The lake is and night. And that was a really quite a production you!


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