Friday, July 5, 2013

camping out in the orchard...

On our way back from our weekend in the Rockies...
we found ourselves in the Okanagan valley at the end of day.

We had intentions of staying at a campground on the lake for night.
But after checking it out...
we decided against that over-crowded and noisy option...

...and agreed instead that camping in a quiet private orchard not far away was a much better idea!
The thought of having cherries for breakfast was quite appealing as well.

We knew there was no one home...
since John and Liz were still in Alberta.

We sent them a quick text...
 for permission (or forgiveness)...

...and parked right next to their lovely home on the hill.
How convenient to have hook-ups right there.
By the time we were parked it was dark...
but in the morning...
we explored.

I've been coming here to visit for over four decades....
to my brother-in-law's farm.

We have camped in the orchard on many occasions...
the first time with a truck and camper in the summer of 1971.

The barn stood then where it stands now...
and looked much the same.

But the view below the orchard has changed.
Where once there were trees as far as the eye could see...
there are now homes and businesses.

And up the hill...
behind their place they also have new neighbours...
with many more coming!

And this was our niece's playhouse back in the day...
and has been enjoyed by many other girls over the years.

The gardens look as amazing now as they always have.

The picker's cabins perched on the edge of the orchard...
are still white-washed and inviting!

This is where our brother-in-law grew up.
The house has gone through several re-models over the years.

We enjoyed our self-guided tour...
and our breakfast cherries.

But I should mention that it was actually an apple orchard that we were camped in...
and it looks like there will be a crop in a month or two.

 Now let me take you back in time...
and view a few pictures at the same location...
but taken long ago.

Spring ~ 1985

Kris and Jeremy loved weekends in Kelowna...
especially if they involved motorbiking with cousin Rob.
 (Notice the barn in the back)

Summer ~ 1981
Enjoying the fruits of their harvest.

Fall ~1977
Cousins playing in leaves.

Winter ~ 1972
Snowmobiling in the orchard.

As you can tell...
camping in the orchard brought back a lot of memories from visits of years gone by.

Thanks for letting us use your 'campsite' in your absence,
John and Liz!


  1. What fun to have these photos form over the years. Love that...permission or forgiveness.

  2. Seems as if you might have a chain of family-owned resorts from one end if the continent to the other! A lovely place to stay. Those cherries look so delicious!

  3. Love your pictures!! How fun to have so many memories ! The yard is beautiful as it has developed over the years...we are in process of doing many projects around this new property. At times it is overwhelming and I think it will never look like I have pictured in my minds eye!! My parents and an aunt and uncle live in Kelowna. I wonder if they know your Kelowna peeps!
    Have a great day!

  4. So nice that you could feel free to borrow a private camping spot! I like the retro photos, especially the snowmobiling one.

  5. Great photo's and memories.

  6. What wonderful places to visit! Loved the pics!

  7. Camping close to a relative's house and orchard looks like a great idea, and I know you enjoyed reminiscing about all the wonderful visits you've had there. Those cherries look so enticing!

  8. They have a lovely place. We have camped in family yards, also.Glad you had that option.

  9. What a great idea to camp in the familiar orchard that holds so many memories! That's ultimate "Mennonite Your Way" travelling - love it! I'm sure your in-laws were honoured that you would think to stop and enjoy their orchard! Love the '70s and '80s pictures.

  10. You certainly do have many special memories of your camping spot. What a gift memories are for us. I so enjoyed seeing the past pictures, and all the grounds of your brother's home. The little house made me smile, because I could imagine how much the little ones liked playing in it. The gardens are beautiful!

  11. I loved all the 'vintage' photos. I think it must be a great feeling to need a place for the night and to find it under the trees in a place with so many memories.

  12. Camping private beats all those crowded, busy campsites. What a lovely spot.

  13. What a beautiful place to camp. Love the glimpses from the past.

  14. I just love cherry pictures and sleeping at an orchard sounds like the best place to stop! We sat here enjoying the four season photos from yesteryear.

  15. It sure is fun to stop sometimes and reflect on the places that have given you so many smiles. I love the thought of being in an orchard with cherries. It beats the crowds any day.

  16. What a beautiful spot! And how fun to see the photos of the times you visited years ago. Love the old snowmobile. It would be nice to have some fresh picked cherries.


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