Wednesday, July 10, 2013

guess who's two?

Though it seems she was just born yesterday...
our youngest grand is turning two today!

She got a bit of a jump on the celebrations...
since her Daddy and Uncle Jeremy had a birthday yesterday...
and so we celebrated last night.

Lucy  has been rather fond of ducks this past year...
so she had a lucky-ducky cake.
 It seems it was just what she ordered!

Parties at the farmyard are always fun for the kids.
After endless  'gator' rides...

Emme and Spencer offered rides on the 'scraper tractor'.
 When it was time to leave...
Lucy wasn't ready to go.

But I'm sure the party will continue...

To our sweet Lucy...
with the megawatt smile...

Happy 2nd Birthday!


  1. Aw! What fun! Everything is so green! I am a bit envious of the flatness of it all! Our kids can't grip in their gator due to the hill!

  2. Happy birthday to that sweet little doll! What a cutie!

  3. Oh and I remember the days when Lucy was napping and unable to make the party! Not these days! Love to see her having a very happy birthday with her favorite cake and cousins.

  4. What a little sweetie! She does have a megawatt smile indeed. Fun times.....
    Your collage of her is beautiful.

  5. Happy Birthday to Lucy! Her cake was adorable. Time sure flies by with grandkids, doesn't it Grammy?!

  6. Love the Lucky Ducky and all the cousin love...
    Happy Birthday Lucy!

  7. She is such a sweet little girl. To see cousins together and the bond that develops over time is most special. Happy Birthday to the little duck!

  8. Happy Birthday to Lucy! She is all there now! That little apron is adorable on her! She looks like she has some claim to fame there!

  9. I can't believe your youngest is two years old already. I love that little apron...looks just like mine. And the weather was just perfect.

  10. Happy two sweet little Lucy! Looks like a ducky of a time was had with everyone! I can just imagine how those oldest cousins enjoy taking care of this little fun for them to live near each other.

  11. What a little dolly she is. And I love her ducky birthday cake. Fun times for your grands on the farm. What great memories they are making throughout their childhood when they visit your farm. Little blessings.

  12. Last but not least lovely Lucy!
    You have such cute grands...I am sure they will all become handsome adults one day but oh they were all such charming little poppets when they were young.

  13. They grow up so fast, baby will be fourteen the 28th...seems like yesterday to me, too

  14. Ohh... I wish my grands were still two ! such a cute age and Happy Birthday to Lucy ! My youngest graddaughter is turning 15 next week - love her age too!
    A really cute cake, Judy!

  15. Such a beautiful happy girl!

  16. Could she be any cuter!!! You said it right when you said, "that she has a megawatt smile"! The cake is adorable and so is the little apron. I love this age!

  17. Two years old already? Oh my time flys by! Lucy is adorable! I love her ducky cake. Happy birthday, Lucy!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson