Monday, July 22, 2013


Camping with grandchildren...
or gramping.

And that is what we were up to last week. 
It used to be a simple matter when we only had two grands.
Two girls the same age...
who liked to share a bed and everything else.
We took them with us in our RV for a night or two every summer.
Then there were more...
and they all wanted their turn.
So now they come in shifts.
We set up camp close to home...

The youngest ones came first.

Since we have a 'no diaper policy'...
it was a day camp only for Lucy.
Let's just say that she was not a happy camper when she left with her parents that night!

As for Micah and Maggie...
they spent some quality cousin time together.

We hiked through the woods.
They pointed out things I had never seen before.


They found centipedes...
made fern salads and moss soup...

...and jumped from boulder to boulder.

Though there were playgrounds and a swimming pool...

...the hill was more fun than anything!

All too soon their 'gramping trip 2013' came to an end...
and the next two arrived to find their beds in the RV.

Ryder and Ranen are both seven.
There was not a dull moment with those two!
We played ladder golf and Bocce...
swam and hiked...
ate hot dogs, s'mores and walking tacos.
We even tried making camping ice-cream...
but that required more patience than we they had!
And we all slept well.

And what's a camping trip without a trip to the candy store?

We had a good time at Camperland.
They weren't too eager to leave.
But there were two more campers waiting to take their spots.
Gramping be cont'd.


  1. Two by two - lucky little campers! Soon the youngest will be three overnight and your camper will be full. I can't wait to go camping with our little clan - you make it look like such fun!

  2. Rolling down the hill.....been years for me. To see the children doing this sure looked like fun.
    They're precious.
    Looks like all had a great time!

    Gramping is something I've not done yet.
    Have to plan an outing.

  3. What a great idea! I know my husband would totally be into gramping. And so would our grandkids! Of course you have a beautiful location... we'd probably have to go gramping in the winter here, haha!

  4. What memories you are making for those little people.

  5. Your grands are terrific!

    I like the two by two plan! I can also easily imagine the day will come when they will all come at once, driving in their own cars and piling into big tents for serious teen age cousin time. Family camping is wonderful for all ages!

  6. Such a great way to get grandparent time and cousin time! They look as if they all had great fun and that's what it's all about!

  7. Ahh...such a reasonable camping plan you've made for sure. 2 at a time and no diapers! What wonderful memories these will always have!

  8. oh what a wonderful way to spend time with grand parents and cousins. love it!

  9. Such fun memories for each group of "grampers" ;) It looks like they find age appropriate activities and keep the grandparents active too! It looks nice and cool in the those woods--enjoy the last group!

  10. Oh, how I LOVE this!!! Gramping!!! I have MiMi Camp 2013 scheduled for the 3rd week in August. Right here in the RV sitting in the DRIVEWAY!! Your gramping is so much more scenic!! I will remember that 'no diaper' policy!

  11. They will keep these memories forever. How much fun to take them at their level and play their games.
    Not much time for reading or amusing yourselves...

  12. "Gramping"...ha!ha! I love it! Looks like a great time!

  13. I've heard of Glamping but Gramping is brilliant!!! Oh what fun for you and those precious little ones. Love this post Judy. You make it all look so easy.

  14. Oh boy..this makes me smile. I love how you call it Gramping! Totally a perfect name. You have beautiful grands to pair up and take their turns. My oldest was already counting days today until next weekend and she won't miss counting any night between now and then. So much fun for them.

  15. Have a wonderful time Gramping!! and the grandkids look like they are having a blast!

  16. Oh dear .... now I understand why it seems you've been on and off the campsite lately. Taking turns. I love how you added that you slept well when the second set came. And with the third set.. did you finally have to wake them? Such great memories for all of them to remember in later years... not just you as grandparents, but the cousin time too.

  17. lucky you, we only have the one grand...but hoping...sounds like a wonderful time was had by all...wish we could have been nearby!

  18. The taking turns idea sure is a good one. It makes it all seem doable. I look forward to those times, although for us, it is 6 in one family and 2 in the other. Just not sure how to work that one out. You and your husband sure make it look like fun.

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  20. What a wonderful little holiday for those grandkids with you and grandpa. That no diaper policy is good motivation for that little gal to get onto the potty:) That is a perfect spot to take that age kids. We recently took a camping trip with the grands and it is busy and so much fun. Sounds like we enjoyed some of the same food. The walking tacos were made at the camp site and off we went for a nice long walk. Bottles of water in a back pack.....thanks for that idea it was such a hit. I wish I had taken a photo of us all in a row walking down the path. Those candy bags are always a hit....and gum gum and more gum.


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson