Friday, July 12, 2013

everything is coming up raspberries...

We live in the raspberry capital of Canada.

We live right next door to Abbotsford...
which lays claim to that name.
They even have a raspberry sculpture...
created by artist Manjit Sandhu...
at the roundabout on a main entrance to their city.
It towers high in the air...
and features five giant raspberries attached to an S-shaped tower. 
I like it!

But raspberries grow just fine in Chilliwack as well...

...and I have plenty coming from the short row in my garden.

What to do with them all...
is the question.

For the most part...
I have been freezing them on cookie sheets...
and then bagging them.
I'll figure out what to do with them next winter...
when I have nothing else to do. LOL

But yesterday I decided to try making raspberry perogies.
I'm not a perogy maker.
But I thought maybe I could be....
with the help of a little gadget I found in the Steinbach, MB giftshop when I was there.

I noticed Kathy's perogy (Wareniki) recipe in the MGCC cookbook
featured several varieties besides cottage-cheese filled ones.
Her favorites are those with a raspberry filling.
I decided to give it a try.
And now I am a perogy-maker!
Her dough was easy to work with.
They were great!

My mother-in-law used to keep us supplied with perogies...
and we always had fruit-filled ones in the freezer for a quick dessert.
They were my daughter's favorite.
She stopped by yesterday afternoon to eat raspberries...
and had a perogy afternoon snack while she was here.

 My favorite refreshing and cool summertime drink...
is a tall glass of Fresca (grapefruit flavoured) with frozen raspberries instead of ice.

It's that time of year.
Give 'em the old raspberry for dessert!


  1. Beautiful sculpture! Now why don't more sculptors take a clue from what old ladies like me (not you) enjoy?

    Right. Freeze'em and worry about them later. The pastries (I don't know how to spell the other word) do look mighty fine.

  2. Good morning! Now raspberries are one of my very favorites so I know I'd be just popping lots of those right into my mouth. And frozen ones could be popped into blended fruit smoothies, or sprinkled on ice cream...yum. Your perogy sound good though I have never had them. Enjoy your week-end!

  3. Aren't raspberries such a delicacy? I love them! Your crop looks amazing. Raspberry perogies - what a great idea. I've never made them before but will be checking out that recipe for sure.

  4. Those berries are the best. My little crop is yielding also. No complaints here, except that you and I have not been able to sit on our porches having enough time to enjoy our favorite drink.
    I still love cottage cheese perogies.

  5. Raspberries are such a delicate fruit. I love seeing recipes using them. Glad to see you got to try out your perogy zipper!

  6. Lovely sculpture. Your own berries are so BIG! I love raspberries and would be delighted to have such a healthy crop. How welcome they will be in the winter time.

  7. That sculpture is really neat Judy. I never used to like raspberries because of the seeds in them but the past few years I've gotten accustomed to eating them and can't resist the flavour of fresh ones. The raspberries are just about ready here too and I'll be picking some next week to make jam. My hubby loves it and I only made it for the first time last year. Now I love it too. That perogy gadget is pretty handy. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. Where do your talents end? You amaze me in the things you attempt and how great they turn out. This is another illustration of that. You make simple raspberries look so beautiful and so appealing!

    The idea of the Fresca and the frozen raspberries is one I want to try this weekend. Thank you!

  9. Beautiful raspberries....I wish "what to do with them all" were my problem!!!! Your raspberry drink looks delicious and so refreshing. And the sculpture is amazing....I love it.
    Farm Gal in southwest VA, USA (where red raspberries are not plentiful!)

  10. Smiling here as my raspberry sculpture photo has been taken as well and our raspeberries next door have been keeping me supplied but your raspberries are you own and that makes you a pro even if you live in the city next to the raspberry capital. Your raspberry wareneki look awesome!

  11. The photo of the Fresca with raspberries made me thirsty! You will certainly be busy in the winter with all those frozen berries!

  12. Hi Judy, I enjoy your blog, about time I commented! Your raspberries look marvelous!! I live in Maple Ridge and have a best friend in Abbotsford. Raspberries are my favorite! I am currently catsitting in Vancouver for a good friend and had brought in my coupons for the Marble Slab Creamery. One has popped up in the West End! Of course I had raspberries mixed into mine! Happy Raspberry Season! Margaret from B.C.

  13. Frozen berries are so wonderful to have in the freezer. We just put in new raspberries this year, so our yield is very small. But I bought some from your corner of the world and made jam on Thursday. Love the drink with the raspberries - so refreshing looking.

  14. I was in Superstore and looked high and low for grapefruit-flavored Fresca to no save me running all over town - where do you buy it? Thanks so much, Judy, I can't wait to try your lovely summertime drink - I always have frozen raspberries in the freezer!

    1. I think all Fresca in Canada is grapefruit flavoured...and is available everywhere. I buy it at turquoise coloured cans. It says 'grapefruit flavoured beverage' in small print on the front of the can. I know we have bought it in the US while on vacation and it was peach flavoured. That was good as well. Good luck!

  15. I love all fruit but I think raspberries are about my great to have them grow so well so close by!

  16. My son's new house has many raspberries bushes but they think the birds and squirrels are eating them all! If they do get some to harvest I will give them your freezer tip


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