Monday, July 29, 2013

our chilliwack lake provincial park adventure...

Nestled in the majestic Coast Mountains south of Vancouver, Chilliwack Lake Park protects a rare patch of old-growth forest. Besides its main attraction, Chilliwack Lake, this 9,122 hectare park also encompasses several pristine lakes and rugged mountain peaks. 

How does that sound?
Those words are taken from a 'tourism Chilliwack' brochure...
and of course they would make it sound good.

It really is quite a jewel of a park though...
and just a one hour drive from 'my front porch'.

We decided to take a Sunday afternoon drive to the lake...
and brought along chairs and books...
and had visions of finding a quiet spot beside the lake.

The paved road ends at the north end of the lake...
at the public beach and boat launch.
But we noticed a gravel road continued on around the lake...
and thought maybe we should go further.
After all...
we were in the pick-up truck.

We shared the road with horses...

...and it got narrower and more full of potholes as we carried on.

We stopped at a viewpoint half-way down the lake...

...and then carried on down the very bumpy single-lane road.
We decided to turn back at the next opportunity.
There was none...
and I got out to hold up branches that were hanging over the road.
Did I mention that we were in a brand new pick-up truck...
one that we did not want scratched?
Eventually we found a spot where we could turn around and head back. 

We don't actually know what lies at the very end of the road...
though we were almost there...
I'm sure.
Apparently there is a trail that leads to the Canada-US border from the south end of the lake.
We'll never know for sure!

Late in the afternoon...
we finally parked our chairs next to the lake...
at the public beach we had passed by much earlier.

We watched people...
and opened our books for a short read...
and then it was time to head home.

Next time...
we'll go straight to the park at the lake...
and leave the exploring to those who like back-roading or riding a horse!


  1. Having been on one or two of those back road adventures, I completely got the picture. Sounds idyllic near the lake and the photos are breathtaking.

  2. I know I sound like a broken record, but you live in the most beautiful place, Judy! Thank you for taking us along on your adventures and sharing the gorgeous scenery.

  3. Beautiful!! Love your adventurous spirit.

  4. The Great Dane would have been right there, on that getting-narrower road! In fact, if there's been a 'No Entry' sign he'd have been there even faster! What a beautiful place, and how nice to have something like that right in your own backyard.
    Have a nice tour of Minter Gardens today!

  5. So the new truck is a reality. I bet I know a few people on horseback that could find that border crossing. Wink, wink...
    Beautiful destination for sure!

  6. It looks beautiful Judy. You live in such a gorgeous area here, at least on hot sunny days! :) Pam

  7. oh my goodness...what breath taking BEAUTIFUL pictures. I could have sat there all day. What gorgeous views you live near! Glad you enjoyed, and shared it!

  8. This was like a short suspense novel:) You two sure do have some fun and out of the ordinary adventures. I know I would not have done any reading with a view like the one you had. So beautiful!

  9. That's funny! Sounds like something that would happen to has...more than once! We are slow learners!! :-)

  10. The lake and the mountains are so beautiful. I've never been privileged to see such beauty. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos. I dream of seeing that area some day.

  11. Oh the quandaries between wanting a truck to stay new and using the truck rough and ready style for adventure.
    Wish it was practical to have one of each!
    The other quandary is between wanting to look at the beauty outdoors and wanting to read a book in a beautiful location. I know the solution is to bring an audio book and head set but I always forget and bring print books instead.

    Glad you got out and explored your own beautiful country and shared what you saw.

  12. Oh..I read what Karen read and I don't even know what that would be like... not to ever have seen beautiful mountains and lakes ... I hope she gets to yet!

  13. Next time go to the end of the road. I like knowing what's at the other end. Take the old truck next time. I have not been in that area for years. It's beautiful. Was there a coffee shop up there? That would intrigue me even more.

  14. Your wrong turn led to some fabulous photos, Judy! Sometimes it pays to take the untraveled road!


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