Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was not actually the sunflowers that brought me here…in case you have not already guessed my vacation destination, Manitoba is where I am! The land of sunflowers, lilies and potatoes…that, my friends, is where I seem to return to on a regular basis. And while flowers and French fries may be great drawing cards…it is family that always brings me back. We have had a most wonderful time over the weekend, celebrating the wedding of my niece, Gillian. Our vacation has been all about the wedding…bringing out flowers from B.C.…and visiting with family from all over who are also here for the special occasion.

We made the trip out here with precious cargo on board. Our last mission before leaving home was to snip hydrangeas…lots of hydrangeas…and arrange them in buckets of water for the journey.

The shower seemed the most appropriate place to store them…and we checked the water level frequently. Although they may be able to grow world-famous lilies and sunflowers right here in Brookdale, Manitoba…hydrangeas do not do so well. Since Gillian wanted hydrangeas for the wedding…and we were driving out with the motor home…we offered to bring out the flowers. Our biggest fear was that they may be rather wilted before the big day…

...but they stood up beautifully and looked lovely on the tables at the reception.

Gillian and Chad were married at the farm where she grew up…and there couldn’t have been a lovelier garden setting! Kathy…my sister and mother-of-the-bride…always has beautiful gardens, and this year they were even more special. There were a few tense moments the morning of the wedding, when the skies opened up and the rain came down for hours. But they decided to take their chances, rather than moving to an indoor venue…and all was well. The sun came out shortly before the wedding started …and the lawns were dry in no time.

The parking attendants had great fun shuffling the guests from the 'parking field' to the wedding gardens...in a little Kubota truck.

The groom's sisters placed flowers down the aisle just before the ceremony began.

The preacher and the groom (and friends) arrived right on schedule...

...as did Gillian's friends...bridesmaids in blue.

We weren’t the only ones from B.C. at the wedding…the flower girls flew out just for the occasion. Emerson and Spencer have been so excited about Gillian’s wedding…and they had so much fun!

Brother Ryder decided weddings were OK too. He found a friend...a ball...and a large expanse of lawn, and he had a fine time.

Here comes the bride...

...smiling even more than usual...and looking stunning in her beautiful gown!

Before long, it was all over...Chad and Gillian were Mr. & Mrs!

No one seemed in a big hurry to leave the gardens...

...no one seemed to be watching the sky. Suddenly it became very dark..and it was time to leave for the reception. We were barely off the yard when the rain began! How was that for timing?

It was a special day...from beginning to end...and we were so glad we could be part of it. I wish Chad and Gillian a lifetime of happiness together!

Jeremy and Broni (and family) flew home yesterday..we are packing up the motorhome and starting the trek back today. We've seen lots...I have scads of pictures...and I'll tell you all about it once I'm home.


  1. Ohh.. how I LOVE weddings... anyone's wedding !!
    What a perfect garden wedding and how beautiful the setting!! and hydrageas from BC? the icing on the cake!
    I'll be looking for more photos from your trip.
    Several times, in my growing up years we made that trip from BC to Manitoba to visit my Dad's family!!!

  2. Very nice wedding pictures. I just love weddings. They had a beautiful garden wedding. It doesn't get better then that.

  3. How lovely!! Wasn't it nice that the rain took a break so the ceremony could move on as planned!!
    It looks like you've had a wonderful trip and I can't wait to see more pictures!


  4. Sounds like a wonderful wedding.
    Country/Farm weddings are alot of work, but definitely worth it.
    I love the big red house. It looks so perfectly placed and stately.
    Have a safe trip home.

  5. OH I'm so so happy your flowers held up. I've brought in hydrangeas for a dinner bouquet only to have them wilt by dessert. . .you were very blessed indeed. The wedding was beautiful and oh how special to have your little granddaughters in the wedding party ..
    Thank you for the peek, I loved it.

  6. What a gorgeous bride an groom - and wedding. I think it is so wonderful when family and friends gather to celebrate a new beginning.

  7. Congratulations Jim and Kathy on a wonderful wedding- Gillian is a gorgeous Bride. Hope Chad and Gillian live near by. All the attendants looked so amazing. Ryder was darling also.

    Judy you are a wonderful sister to Kathy and the others -- keep the bond.

  8. Judy, what a gorgeous wedding! The bride is so beautiful. I know you guys had such a good time. Isn't being with family at such special times just the best? I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. One of my employees got married Saturday and I got to see the pics today. She got married on the beach. I love the garden wedding, too. Have you shown us a picture of your RV? I'm just curious. I wonder how you look riding along on your adventures. Be careful coming home.

  9. Oh Beautiful! I wish my family was able to make it, as I love the summer family gatherings we've been having lately in Manitoba ;)

  10. Is there anything more beautiful than an outdoor wedding? No, I don't think so...lovely...here's to a long loving life for the new couple...lifting my cup here...coffee makes a good toasting component...long life and happy times

  11. Absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you very much for these gorgeous photos.

    I'm in Alberta,

  12. Oh what a neat wedding....can't wait to see the rest of the pictures once you are safely home.

  13. What a lovely setting for a wedding and especially to be where the bride grew up.
    Could have been England with the sudden change in the weather.
    Glad you did not get wet and that you ae enjoying yur trip.

  14. A lovely wedding Judy...I especially liked the little flower girls :)...ALL of the flowers were just gorgeous and the the bride and groom...my oh my what beautiful smiles..thank you for sharing...

  15. What a beautiful wedding! How perfect that the weather cooperated just long enough! The flower girls were especially lovely and the bride was gorgeous!

  16. Oh, how beautiful! I'm so glad the weather held out OK for the ceremony. Wow....I don't think I'd have the nerve to plan an outdoor wedding, but I admire any that do.

  17. What a lovely day that was, you described it so beautifully. Those two little bridesmaids!! How sweet they looked. A lovely bride, a beautiful wedding, and the Hydrangeas looked very good too.

  18. what a beautiful wedding.....here in the praries. i am not sure how far brookdale is from where i live. funny i even recognized one of the grooms men on the picture as my cousins son, small world this menno connection. hope you have a great trip home.
    so judy are you originally from manitoba?

  19. Oh Judy, loved this post, what an amazing setting for an outside wedding. Your sister's place is gorgeous...that brick house!!! Wow, and the gardens and your hydrageas (caught the idea in the shower in the moter home, very clever I must say).

    The bride and groom were stunning, what a lovely day. God does have perfect timing. He just cleared up that sky for their ceremony, talk about God's favor.

    Thanks for clearing up where you were, I guess I was confused or something, da!!!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson