Wednesday, July 30, 2008

land of the living skies...

Easy to draw...hard to spell...that's Saskatchewan!
Our recent road trip included a few days of travel in this province which is also known as the land of the living skies.

And we were witness to the living skies...we saw storms rolling by and beautiful sunsets.

We passed by the occasional farmstead, looking rather like there was no one home...

...and had lunch beside the road while a curious crowd looked on.

We even witnessed a Saskatchewan stampede...and all free of charge.

We couldn't resist a quick stop in the little town of Herbert, when we saw a sign on the highway inviting us to stop by the Herbert museum for 'faspa'. Now that is a word we don't hear too often these days...but it brought back memories of Sunday afternoon tea at grandma's place. We checked out the museum...learned a little about the history of the area and it's peoples...and carried on our way without actually sampling their 'faspa'. We opted instead to stop by Tim Horton's...
...and sipped our coffee while this moose looked on. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is a city with a most unusual name and a myriad of underground tunnels that attract over 100,000 tourists each year. It's another place that's worth visiting...but not this time!

Although Saskatchewan is home to 100,000 lakes and rivers...much of southern Saskatchewan is flat fields of grain. I took this photo about 12 miles west of the city of Regina. It seemed strange to see a city clearly on the horizon...where I come from there are hills and trees blocking the view and we don't see much besides mountains in the distance!

If you ever have the opportunity to visit sure to tour Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police training centre.

Every Tuesday evening during the summer months, the police force performs a special 'Sunset Ceremony' – renowned as one of Canada’s top attractions. We never stopped in Regina this trip...but thoroughly enjoyed watching the parade on our last visit.

I loved the little old country churches scattered about the countryside.

There is quite a large Ukrainian population in Saskatchewan, and we stopped somewhere near Yorkton to check out this lovely Ukrainian Orthodox church. I'm not sure if it is still in use, but everything was immaculately kept...

...including an old cemetery across the lane.

We spent a night camped near this spot...

...while the ducks swam on a pond nearby the land of the living skies!

So don't believe all the jokes you hear...
Saskatchewan has a beauty all it's own, and is a great place to visit (in the summertime!).

Hope you enjoyed the tour...


  1. You made Saskatchewan look pretty good.
    Believe it or not, I have not driven through in 35 years.
    Maybe it's time I move around a bit more in our own country.
    Great photo's

  2. You are not kidding easy to draw hard to spell. That province was always tricky in Canadian geography tests.
    I think I've been to Herbert. . it sounds very familiar. . is it close to Glenbush . .my parents started out there.
    Your pictures speak for themselves. . Saskatchewan is beautiful .. did I spell it right?

  3. Judy, you always make me feel like I am riding along with you. And, you take me to places I've never been before.

    Don't be surprised if you get in to leave one day and find me in the back seat. ;-)

  4. Ahh yes, Saskatchewan is beautiful in it's own way! But you do need to drive through it other than the Trans-Canada!

  5. Judy your photos are spectacular! What beauty in that area!

    My maternal grandmother emigrated from the Ukraine so I immediately recognized the cross and design of that church. I would have loved to see inside.

    Thanks so much for these veiws from your trip!

  6. i did enjoy the post! i miss my prairie!! you take beautiful pictures, judy.

  7. I must say Saskatchewan is hard to spell :) but a mighty beautiful place...I love your photos...the cows were curious indeed..did you start the stampede?

  8. there is nothing like a prarie sky, beautiful!!! i think living in the praries i take its beauty for granted.....even in saskatchewan.

  9. I love those 'living skies'. Someday I would love to see it for myself. But until I can go, thank you for your amazing tours.

  10. Such pretty country...I take it that some don't think Saskatchewan is all that lovely. The colors and the sky make it distinct and beautiful, I think. The shape of the building is so unusual, too,...the one where the ducks are flying.

  11. Such gorgeous country!

    Herbert was my dad's middle name...

    Those flat lands are amazing; I see what people mean when they call the prairies the land of the big sky.

  12. Hope that you'll find this added message here...a little something for you on my blog this morning...

  13. Your pictures of Sask. are terrific. Our kids live in Waldheim near Saskatoon and I have to admit to a preference for the landscape in that area. Saskatoon has to be one of the prettiest cities in Canada with it's tree lined streets and old buildings along the N. Saskatchewan River. I get quite frustrated with people who write off that province as boring. It is anything but!


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