Saturday, July 12, 2008


I knew there was a problem when I encountered gridlocked traffic on our country road yesterday afternoon.

I glanced at the freeway...not one vehicle to be seen! That spells trouble on a Friday afternoon. We live near the Trans-Canada Highway, and it seems there is never a lull in the traffic....unless of course, there is a serious motor vehicle accident.

And that is what happened yesterday afternoon just two miles east of our place. The freeway was closed in both directions for a good part of the afternoon. The poor motorists left the highway and wandered about our country roads...reaching a log-jam at every turn.

So this was the view from my front porch yesterday afternoon! I was thankful that I had nowhere of importance to go...and I went to pick my raspberries. I hope they enjoyed their scenic tour of my neighbourhood...a good start to a sunny holiday weekend!


  1. Car crashes and snow storms take people off the beaten path.
    Well, I hope you didn't leave that raspberry pie on your porch. . or a jug of lemonade. . or your front porch might have been a little too inviting.
    Have a good weekend Judy.

  2. Oh Judy...the joy of country near a busy stretch of road. Those poor travellers... Ha....I love Lovella's comments. Grin..your grandkids could have set up a lemonaide stand...Might have been profitable.

    Having been 'there' .... porta pottie anyone?

  3. Ugh! Traffic can be an issue. At least that had beautiful country to see.

    And, to think I used to a two hour commute both to work and back. How did I do four hours a day? I'm glad that is over.

  4. Ohhh, bad reason to be enjoying your corner. It sure looks odd to see a traffic jam outside your door.

    My sister, a hostess with the mostess, would've been out there beckoning folks in, I kid you not. You can be grateful that she wasn't there. ;>

  5. That does seem so strange since you live out in the country like that. But it is too bad about the terrible accident on the highway that would detour traffic to you. I pray no one was seriously injured.

  6. I'm sorry they had a gridlock. I am very used to it in Atlanta. You have to travel at specific times or you get giant parking lot.

    They still had a beautiful view and I can't imagine that it's all that warm. I am always amazed at the view you have. I am so happy for you.

  7. Boy Oh Boy!
    I almost phoned you to see if you could see anything your way.
    I heard the sirens whizzing by, helicopters flying above and the freeway at a dead end stop.
    All of this while we were all working on our fence and all of us hoping and praying that the injuries would not be too severe.
    Hope you are enjoying another beautiful day.

  8. I was thinking that the folks had a nice scenic detour when Trish brought up the topic of 'porta pottie' and I thought oh no..there probably was a need for that!

  9. Hey Judy,

    Thanks so much for answering my question about your raspberries. I really did want to know. It was very kind of you to reply!

    What special place you live in!


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