Monday, July 7, 2008

monday morning musings....

When things don't go as you thought they would...just go with the flow. And flow it did...on Saturday night!

The sun is shining this morning...and it is picture perfect out there. We still see see snow on the distant peaks...and if we had to wait to eat ice-cream until the snow was off Mt. Cheam, we'd still be waiting this year!

We had the weekend all planned...with lots to do, since we just returned home from our rv'ing excursion. There was a family barbecue planned for Saturday night at my sister's place...with all the nieces and nephews who live nearby planning to come. For Sunday night, we had planned a dinner out with our care group and a housewarming party for our friends. After seeing the weather forecast (heavy rain for Saturday and sunshine on Sunday)...the BBQ was postponed until Sunday night. Oh..oh...we now had two events scheduled for Sunday afternoon at six o'clock. Don't you hate when that happens? We didn't want to miss either one...but we had little choice. I'm hoping my family had a wonderful BBQ without us!

It was a good thing the BBQ got re-scheduled...because we had a huge rain-storm on Saturday night. It had sprinkled on and off earlier in the day, but was dry after supper, so we thought we would walk the the Vedder River trail. About a mile from our car, it started to rain...and we were totally drenched by the time we got back to the parking lot. Later in the evening the wind picked up...and we had a serious storm.

Yesterday, however, looked much brighter, and we decided it was high time we take our '47 Monarch out of the garage for a little workout...

...since she had not been on the road since this photo was taken, October 14 /07. Last week, as we drove the old highway along the Kettle River, we spotted many antique cars out and about...beautiful reminders of what once was!

We haven't had an abundance of sunny days this spring...and when we did, it seemed there was always 'hay to make' or something of greater urgency, then tootling around in the old car. So yesterday, we decided drive in style to our evening event in the eastern valley... with our vintage car. We made it about halfway to the restaurant before hearing a 'tinkling' sound coming from under the hood...

...and so we returned home to exchange the old girl for a more reliable source of transportation. Oh well...we'll check it out and try again one fine day!

We had a good time catching up with our friends last night...everyone seems to be coming or going on vacation at this time of the year. After dinner, we drove a block further to Dave and Janet's lovely new home.

They recently moved in...and their counter tops just arrived a few days ago, so we came to 'warm' their house for them. The last time we showed up on their doorstep they were not around, so we had to be content with peeking in windows. Yesterday we crossed the threshold...

...and got the royal tour! It's a beautiful home...complete with a theatre room and two entire suites downstairs. We were thinking we could have a 'care group' retreat at their place! Oh yes, and the view... favorite peak rising above their back deck.

The sun is shining...and there are lots of things to I must get on with my day. Tomorrow I will be off on an early morning excursion...hopefully I will have a story to tell later on in the day!


  1. Judy, so funny, I started out calling my post monday morning musings too. I did change it when I realized I had nothing much to muse about. It is a boring post out my way.
    Oh your friends new house looks wonderful. I wish there were more photos of it. You could be a beautiful home blog. I actually wish you would post some pictures of your own home. . I've tried drawing it out for my beloved but I'm a terrible drawer. . I truly am. . but alas, should we take every bit of our life and post it? That is an ongoing question for me. . . .perhpas that is something to blog about .. a forum. . so to speak. .

  2. A busy weekend for sure for you Judy! Nice 'old' car..haven't had a ride in one of those since ..I can't remember when.
    We had quite the storm Saturday night as well..a twister touched down not far from ourplace..just trees damaged, nobody hurt!

  3. A beautiful home indeed. congratulations Dave & Janet!!

    Now you have us wondering what you are up to next Judy.
    Cherrio, Martha

  4. We had severe storms this weekend - Friday night, Saturday night and again Sunday night. They haven't been able to have the fireworks display yet.

  5. Oh the old vintage car...the snow capped mountains framed by the archway is just beautiful..glad your getting some sunshine...

  6. We've had such a rain deficit that the drought is now severe but rain has visited a couple of times this weekend...oddly enough the weather was my post today too! I love old cars, yours is a beauty!

  7. Judy, please come visit my blog. I have given you an award you truly deserve.

    I used to have a 1938 Chevy coupe in my other life. :)

  8. Great photos of your antique car and the others. We belong to an antique car club and we have some wonderful times together. We do not have an antique car yet, maybe someday. Your weekend sounded like you were over loaded. The rain hit us too. We do need the rain, as my wild blackberries needed water to ripen.
    Blackberry pie is a request around here. Smile!

    Take care, Jeanne

  9. OK, what's this about Monday Morning Musings. I started that about a month ago? That's too funny and now Lovella is also doing the same?

    Oh too funny.
    I love the new home.

  10. You're living the good life, Judy! Thanks for taking us along...


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson