Saturday, July 26, 2008

had camera...did travel!

So where have I been, you ask? I've been cruising the hi-ways and bi-ways of western Canada for the past ten days.

We weren't the only RV'ers on the road! For a time we were following a trailer with annoying mirror windows in the rear...we could see our reflection quite nicely!

We slept two nights in Alberta...two nights in Saskatchewan...five nights in Manitoba...and we spent our last night in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful British Columbia.

We saw sunshine and black funnel clouds...

...a golden moon lighting up the Saskatchewan night...

...and gophers popping in and out of holes everywhere across the prairies.

We spent two nights camped in Neepawa, Manitoba...which happens to be the Lily Capital of the world...

...and joined the throngs that were gathered there to participate in their annual Lily Fest. Neepawa is near Brookdale (in Manitoba terms), where my niece's wedding festivities took place.

We had a great time with family last weekend (from Iowa, Texas, B.C., Alberta and Manitoba)...campfires, barbecues, fireworks, swimming parties...but the highlight, of course, was the wedding.

Our road trip included frequent stops...there were many photo op's I just couldn't pass up! We also checked out Tim Horton's in every province...the coffee's always good.

I found a few wonderful treasures at some little country thrift shoppes....I read a book....I completed a baby afghan for our next grandbaby (coming soon)...played sudoku...and read lots of magazines. Here's one I spent some time browsing, and it's on the newstands right now...

...Taste of Home's Church Supper edition. I'll be using it as a textbook in my test kitchen over the next while.

We saw wildlife in the Rockies...and the scenery was amazing! We logged over 3000 miles...and arrived home safe and sound last night. It's always good to be back home!

And now I have lots of things to catch up on at home....and a ball game to go watch at noon. I'm also looking forward to visiting all of you, my blogging friends...hope I haven't missed anything big while I was away.

Next week I'll take you back with me to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta...and Beautiful British Columbia--The Best Place on Earth (that's what the billboards say).

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Judy, it's so good to have you home again!

    Your trip looked amazing (all except for that stint behind the mirrors) and I know that you'll have more to share about it.

    I'm going to send my dear friend who lives in Manitoba over to read all about it. I think she'll get a kick out of reading about her province in this post.

  2. WELCOME back! Great to know that your trip went well.
    Yes, I did get some berries, just enough for dessert and ice-cream.
    That will be my next post.
    Off to golfing.
    Take care and I'll check in next week for a catch-up

  3. Oh Welcome home, I drove past your house .. well sort of past your house yesterday and didnt' see the motorhome yet. . you must have snuck in the back porch.
    I'll be looking forward to your test recipes, I've wanted to buy that same magazine..
    I'll look forward to your travel pictures too. Have a great weekend.

  4. i've just started reading your blog. i've come over from lovella and charlotte's corner of the blogging world. i was so excited that you have manitoba connections! those pictures made me long for home (i currently live in germany). i look forward to making your blog a regular read. and welcome home, by the way :)

  5. I have a taste for Tim Horton...but we dont have him in UK or in France, sadly!

  6. Welcome home Judy and what wonderful (and scary) photos! What fun you all must have had..wish we had been with you! I have an award for you at my place, please come pick it up!

  7. Judy-i am so glad that you had such a wonderful trip.
    neepeway is just a few hours north of us and i have never stopped to see the flowers as we drive by to go to riding mountian. i must do that sometime.
    i look forward to seeing and hearing more about you adventures and also what comes out of your test kitchen.
    today i made three kinds of rhubarb pie and once again our camera has gone missing, someone must have it at camp and i can't post a recipe without pictures now can i...;-).
    thankyou for stopping by my blog.
    friendly visitors are always welcome!

  8. Ohhhh,....I am sooo looking forward to taking the trip with you all over again!

  9. Hi Judy!
    Welcoem home!
    Wow, such lovely photgraphs! I hope you'll post even more over the coming days as I'd love to see more of your trip. It sounds like you had a fun and saw so much!
    Congratulations on another future grandchild!

    Hugs, Pat

  10. Judy, your pictures just take my breath away. Your trip sounds perfect, and I will enjoy seeing and reading more.

    That picture in the Rockies is awesome.

  11. Judy it looks like you have had an absolutely glorious vacation. You saw so much of your beautiful country. I plan on doing some serious sightseeing up in Canada one of these years. There is a lot to see. And we are so darn close; it is ridiculous I haven't been there more often.

    Anyways, I could go on and on. I am looking forward to more of your pictures.

    I got a kick out of your hydrangea escapade, as I too did hydrangeas for a wedding reception recently. And the Brides bouquet was just as colorful as your nieces. Must be all the rage.

  12. Welcome home your photos..beautiful country..

  13. hey Judy....we live in Calgary... so drive through the beautiful Rockies when I go to visit my sister in Armstrong, B. C> .....yep...we live in the most beautiful and amazing area in the world. Why would we want to go anywhere else for holidaying...?


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