Friday, July 11, 2008

My Cheerful Volunteer

We've been feeding the birds black oil sunflower seeds in the back yard. I love watching them from my kitchen window... flitting about and enjoying their feast. I noticed a few fast growing weeds beneath the feeder awhile back...but decided not to pull them out just yet. Good thing...

...because I now have a lovely sunflower smiling at me as I go about my duties...and another one about ready to join the show. I was wondering what would become of the giant sunflower plants beneath my little oak tree...but no worries. They are less than three feet tall...and already putting on their show. I love it!

I may just take you for a 'close up and personal' encounter with the sunflowers in the near future. I'm planning a visit to sunflower country...any idea where that might be?
I while I'm visiting 'sunflower country'...Heidi has volunteered to come pick my raspberries. Here's what she had in mind...she thought she would just come and 'pick & eat' a few times. She has no idea how many raspberries I harvest from my 16-foot row. Bring your will be here awhile, my dear!

The raspberry season is just starting. I've been running out each morning to pick some for breakfast...fresh berries, sliced banana, peach yogurt sprinkled with Harvest Crunch granola...add a cup of coffee and eat on the back patio.

How well I remember all those summers spent in the raspberry patch when I was a kid. At three cents a pound, it took a while to pick enough to earn my yearly income. We have massive raspberries on our little row...

I would have really liked picking berries this size! I'm planning to do some picking today. It looks like it should be a warm one...and raspberry ripple pie might just hit the spot.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey girl are you heading east?? There sure are sunflowers in my province.
    How close will you be to my city..chance of meeting you? We have extra passes to the Mennonite Museum!
    Those raspberries look soooo good. Mine will be ripe in another week or two.

  2. What a wonderful treat.
    I just planted my first berries this year after saying "We'd never do this again." "Never say Never"
    Tell Heide if she can't keep up, I'll help her.

  3. Oh Judy, your new header is just so beautiful.. I love the color and who in their right mind would not want to sit on your front porch .. .I sure would.
    Your raspberries are so nice and long, I love that variety. The raspberries next door that we are welcome to eat and pick are the short variety that is good for jam but I'd rather eat yours.

    I love it. . .going to "friendly ____"? I always think of the different provinces in terms of what their license plate says. . don't you?

  4. You are torturing me with those raspberries - I love them. And, your breakfast sounds just perfect.

    I'll go pout now, and drink my diet Pepsi while fantasizing about your raspberries.

  5. Sunflower seeds is all we've ever fed the birds...they just throw out the "junk" seed anyway lol...but especially for the sunflowers that come up from the Birds farming!

  6. Mmmmmmm...what a yummy banner!

    I feed the birds too but mine don't like sun flower seeds -- isn't that strange? They drop those to the ground and the squirrels eat them :-)

    I have raspberry bushes too, but my, oh my, yours are enormous!

    Are you going to Italy? Sunflowers grow abundantly in Tuscany! They also grow abundantly in Nebraska, USA?

    Have a great trip!

  7. I swear I can eat them all.

  8. mouth started watering when I was reading this. Must go to store, must buy raspberries and cream, must have for breakfast.
    Your banner rocks.

  9. Wow you have large berries! They look so luscious!

    Traveling to sunflower country...all I could think of was Provence in France?

    By the way do you know the name of the raspberry variety that you are growing? I am looking for a good one, and yours are amazingly long.

  10. Don't you just love those little surprises nature has in store for us sometimes! Sunflowers are so happy anyway, and to have one just pop much fun is that!
    The berries look wonderful. How nice to have them right outside your door!
    Enjoy your sunflower expedition!


  11. "At three cents a pound, it took a while to pick enough to earn my yearly income." I thought that this was the funniest line! Reminds me of my days picking drops at the apple orchard. Those funds were all that separated me from eternal embarrassment at not having enough money for gifts at Christmas time.

    Beautiful raspberries! Bet they taste like heaven.

  12. Wow....the raspberries photograph very nicely! And look totally delicious. We are getting a few now, too, from our little patch.


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