Monday, July 28, 2008

southern Manitoba revisited...

Southern may not look quite like you would expect! In fact it looked rather different this summer than it has on previous summer visits. Everything was green and golden wheat fields as yet...and the sunflowers weren't quite ready to put on their show.

The fields of canola and flax painted quite a lovely picture, though....

...and we enjoyed the fields of lilies in Neepawa.

Metal storage bins seem to have replaced the trademark grain elevators across the prairies...but I'm glad there are still a few of the original wooden structures left here and there.

My sister and brother-in-law (Jim and Kathy) live on a dairy potato country! The soil in their area is incredibly sandy and fertile...they are situated on an aquifer, so have no shortage of water...and it is the perfect spot for growing potatoes.

While we enjoyed family time on their yard, we watched the planes spraying the potato fields across the road.

We gathered at Jim and Kathy's for a few days before and after my niece's from several states and provinces.

We even helped cook dinner one the Manitoba sun was setting! It seems to stay light there forever... you know these youngun's are up far too late...and pretty happy about it!

Emme and Spencer had a wonderful time with my Iowa nieces and nephews...they wondered why Megan always called Grandpa "Uncle Elmer" though!

Ryder took a liking to Uncle Jim...who thinks you should teach two-year olds all about gopher hunting at the ripe old age of two.

There was always a bocce game on the go...or a ladder golf tournament...

...some of us even played in the water for awhile.

So if you are looking for the perfect spot for an outdoor might want to consider a farm in southern Manitoba!

I know the perfect spot....not only do they host the wedding guests, but they entertain family from near and far for days before and after!

Enjoy the week that lies ahead...there is much to be done!


  1. Isn't is wonderful to be able to share those special times with all the grandchildren.
    They will have such fond memories.
    Guess what?
    They will be going back to that same spot for years when they feel so loved.

  2. As always your pictures of Manitoba are beautiful. I really enjoy stopping in and seeing them! Keep 'em coming! Blessings! Carolyn

  3. Ahhh..I love Manitoba! Your photos are great, Judy..thanks for sharing! Too bad you didn't get to see the sunflowers in bloom! Maybe next time.
    So glad you got to experience a good time in our province. You made some more wonderful 'family memories'. Looking forward to more of your 'memory pics'.

  4. I've never been to Manitoba. . I've jumped over it from Saskatchewan to Ontario but didn't land on Manitoba. It looks so beautiful. That farm is gorgeous and I can easily see why the bride would have wanted to get married on that nice long lawn.
    It is so wonderful that you have family that wants to be together.

  5. I'm enjoying your photos of our lovely province! We have only visited the lily farm at Neepawa once, but would love to go back. The wedding location looks great!

  6. I just love your pictoral's meant to include and include it does! Very nice trip up country I've made thanks to you!!

  7. Judy, your eye for photography keeps getting better and better if such a thing is even possible. I love that photo of the yellow plane over the yellow flowers. You have a future in cards or calendars or something!

    I enjoyed the story about the grands' confusion. How I remember the complexities of relationships. Ha!

  8. Loved your pictures and the stories of your trip. Isn't it such a blessing to have the time and means to travel and to have wonderful family to celebrate with?! Your sister has a lovely old farmhouse and a beautiful yard. Such a perfect spot for a wedding. Thanks for sharing your travel with us.

  9. I can't imagine a more beautiful place for a perfect wedding. How wonderful to be able to share all of that time with your family.

  10. I loved visiting a place I have never been...Manitoba...from work in a college in Houston.

    You are right, so perfect there for an outdoor wedding, or raising wee ones in the summer.


  11. What a great trip! That setting for the wedding was beautiful! Isn't it so much fun to get together with family and the bonfire looked like fun. I can't wait to see my cousins that I haven't seen in over 20 years. I loved the cows in the pond. They like to cool off too, I guess. Great pictures

  12. we drove in the country on sunday and some were peeking through already they really are quite the sight fields of yellow all pointing to the sun...thankyou for posting the pictures, the are beautiful and it looks like you had a beautiful time too. wonderful memories. i wonder what your next trip will be

  13. oh, love those photos! So lucky you were there!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson