Monday, July 14, 2008

camping in my own backyard...part II

Not so long ago we decided to camp in our backyard...let's just say the decision was made for us. Well, we had another backyard campout last night...and this was actually a planned event. Jeremy and Broni were off celebrating their anniversary and Emme, Spencer and Ryder came to spend the time with Grammy and Grandpa. We have taken the girls on a camping experience every summer...they are busy planning where we will go this year and Ryder is saying, "Me too!' So we thought if we all slept in the motor home last night...Ryder might be fooled into thinking he also went camping with Grammy and Grandpa.

First we had to make sure everyone was good and tired by the time the time we went 'camping'! We took the whole gang to Minter Gardens in the afternoon and checked out the Classic Car Show.

This red 1956 Thunderbird was the crown jewel of the show.

All the cars pictured above and more are owned by one individual...he must have quite the garage!

I took this photo for my dear SIL...who apparently drove one just like it (before my time)! We met a few friends who had vehicles on a red Porsche and the other a Bel-Aire.

The last time we had been to the vintage car show was July 2000. My dad had a car there that year...and the whole family went to check it out. My mom was there...smiling and walking about. She insisted we all come for supper afterwards. The next day she was admitted to the hospital...and within four days she had passed on. So I have rather bittersweet memories of the annual event at our local show gardens.

The grandkids weren't all that interested in the old cars and were disappointed to find the maze they so enjoyed was no longer a garden feature. Not to worry...they quite amused themselves rolling down hills. Oh to be young!

We had promised the kids we would set up the slip 'n slide on our little hill once we were back home...and they were so looking forward to it. By the time we arrived home it was very windy...the slip 'n slide became a kite and there was no way we could set it up.

They had to be content with running through the sprinkler. The promised wiener roast also never happened...a campfire was not a good idea in that wind!

But they got the raspberry ripple pie they were promised for can check our on-line cookbook for the recipe, if you are interested.

Thankfully there was no assigned bed-time last we all went to bed way too late!

Everyone was all smiles this morning...and Ryder thought camping was just the best! Grandpa came in from morning chores, and we all went to the airport cafe for breakfast...

...well, mostly just to sit on the patio and watch the planes coming and going.

So that was our backyard campout in review. And now I must get on with my Monday to-do list...Tuesday's coming fast!


  1. Sounds like an excellent camping trip. It doesn't take a lot to please those young ones. Just time.
    Someone told me once that Grandkids are so expensive. Not for us.
    Just play.
    I just whipped up your raspberry pie and get wait till the girls come home to dig in.
    Then, I'll try the next recipe. It looks so delicious. Happy Packing

  2. Well, those are some cuties you have there. I love spending time with my grandson. I hope to take a week off the end of the month, and we will probably plan a day together.

    My husband would have loved the car show. And, I would love the pie. ;-)

  3. I'm absolutelty sick that we missed that car show. I had heard about it and forgot to tell Terry and now he will be sick too.
    Oh. . and to think we might have secured a sliver of that pie if we had run into you there. Oh boy .. and we sat and twiddled our thumbs trying to come up with a good sunday afternoon plan. Shoot.

    Oh and of course. . your grandbabies are so fun and sweet.

  4. Over coffee this AM my hubby asked if I thought we could take our oldest grandaughter away for an overnight campout and summer day trip. The little guy is not quit ready yet. Your overnighter sounded perfect and those 3 are adorable. And the pie...i'm making that this week forsure. Kathy

  5. What an absolutely adorable story about your camp out. We belong to an antique car club, but we do not have an old car. We joined because of family who belong and we love the people. Car shows are fun, but children do get bored pretty quick. Never fear, kids will entertain themselves anyway. That is a sad story about your mom. We never get over losing our moms do we?

    Our RV is in our back yard and we use it for overflow of company sometimes. The next week is grandkids week and our oldest guys, 19 & 16 will be happy to have the privacy of the RV. Nine grandkids will be here for a whole week. We stack them up like cord wood and have a blast.

    Blogging will take a back seat needless to say. Smole.

    Sorry for this long comment and have a good day. Oops I forgot to say your grands are adorable.


  6. I think I would enjoy the backyard camping myself. I am not one to go out in the woods and have to endure hovering over some weeds to go to the bathroom. Having all my little extras right inside would suit me just fine. Your grandkids are adorable. They looked like they were loving the sprinklers. I have been to lots of antique car shows in my day. My first husband had/has a '38 Chevy coupe so we were out and about with the state car shows and all in between. That looks like a great place to have the show. Thanks for coming by my site. I always enjoy your comments. Love ya, Trish

  7. Building those precious memories of camping in the backyard, and all those details that go along with it -- what fun!!!

    Enjoyed seeing the pic's of the Nash Met. Great memories. Mine was a 1955 -- think it looked more like the green one in the corner -- it just had a bar across the grill (not a convertable through.) Should have kept it!!!

  8. My goodness, the Minter Gardens look like a very lovely and unique place to visit!

    Your grandkids look like their having a great time! We used to have a Slip'N Slide, too, when the kids were little. You're right, if there was much wind, it wouldn't stay in place.

  9. I really enjoy your blog. Your pictures and the stories about your family are enchanting and so interesting.

  10. Oh my! So much to mention...

    How poignant the story about the last car show.

    The cars are beautiful.

    The grands are beyond gorgeous. One can tell that they love to be with their grandparents.

    What a beautiful pie, which I shall definitely be snagging from MGCC!


'The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.'
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson