Thursday, October 2, 2008

surprised by pink...

Everything's coming up pink over here this week! And why am I surprised?

It's always so fun looking forward to that birth...and wondering if it will be a little prince or a princess. In these last few weeks, I was mostly seeing blue...apparently it's usually the boys who take their sweet time in arriving. So when I heard the news that I had a new granddaughter...I was somewhat surprised. She finds herself in good company...Cousin Ryder will have to hold his own with four girls.

Many months ago, I began work on a bunny quilt for the new baby. It came as a kit...mostly yellows...and I thought it would be appropriate for either a boy or a girl. On many a road trip I embroidered bunnies...

...and when I finally got around to piecing the quilt, I noticed it was a little heavy on the pink for a boy. I put the finishing touches on the quilt last week...but was wondering who I had made it for...would I have to pack it away for a future granddaughter?

Now I know...the quilt was made with love for our new little angel. she will be called...settled into her home away from the hospital yesterday. I stopped by to see how she was enjoying her new environment...

...and she seemed quite OK with it all. She took exception to the bath...but finds sleeping and eating quite to her liking.

What fun I've had digging through the cedar chest these past days...and coming up with all kinds of girly treasures.

This beautiful handmade sweater set was a gift from Heidi's grandma thirty years ago. It looks like new...and soon will be worn by my granddaughter. How special is that? So many other handmade items will now get passed along...memories long relived. Grandchildren are a renewal of life...and a link to the past.

Heidi's wondering if Baby Maelyn looks at all like her.'s hard to remember, but here's an old photo...

...and I think maybe she does. At any rate...she is a little sweet pea!

And I am once again so thrilled to be a hold this tiny thing of wonder and beauty...and touch her cheek...and know she will always be my granddaughter!

Even the sky is pink this morning...a sweet day to enjoy!


  1. Aww, that is such a sweet post Judy! And congratulations to you, another precious one to be Grammie to.
    I love the pink handmade sweater set, I had one like that for my daughters too.

  2. What a lovely post, Judy. And what a sweet little princess Maelyn is.


  3. Maelyn is beautiful and I think that you will definitely see even more of a resemblance to Heidi in just a few short weeks.

    What a treasure your sweet bunny quilt is. One to be passed on just as you are going to pass on the treasures that once were Heidi's.

    Yes, that old adventure of mine can wait until next year. It was a bit disappointing, but tomorrow the kids are off to "the fair" and I am having a Nonni day. I'd far rather have a Nonni day than go to the old fair anyway. No one would even consider going on a weekend unless totally out of her mind! :D

    You have a wonderful day, too!

  4. OH Judy, the quilt is beautiful and a real inspiration to begin doing some embroidery. Shoot, that little sweet pea is a loved child. ..and rightly so.
    I have a few goodies in my cedar chest from when I was a little girl .. .that sometime. . when it is just the little grand girl and me. . I'll put on her for my own. . joy

    Enjoy these first few weeks, I hope you get plenty of grammie time .. oh .. I think she does look a little like her mommy.

  5. I love that quilt...It's the hours of love that one gives to her daughter and she will appreciate this and keep it forever in her special box.

    Keep enjoying the pink...times ahead.

  6. a sweet-pea she is indeed. what a wonderful tribute to her and see you grandmothers is one filled with love.

  7. Judy, Congratualtion on being a grandmother once more, she is truly a sweet pea, so precious.
    The quilt is so beautiful!

  8. Judy, that quilt is so pretty. God must have been sending you messages when you made color choices.

    That sweet little girl is just exquisite.

    When my grandson was born, I pulled out clothes that were his fathers. It was so nice seeing him wear the little outfits. I have pictures side-by-side of them in the same outfit. Oh, we grandmothers do have joy in our hearts.

  9. your new baby granddaughter just may be the cutest thing ever!!! and your baby quilt inspires me... it is gorgeous!!

  10. What a precious little girl! The quilt is a treasure of 'love time', so sweet. Maelyn...what a pretty name. Congratulations! Kathy

  11. She is beautiful! What a wonderful blessing. Your quilt is so pretty. What a little sweetie.

  12. Congratulations! My first stop at your blog. I noticed you live in Chilliwack? My mum and dad live there as well! What a small world...take care. I will pop by your blog as time allows!


  13. Such a cute pic of Maelyn! I can't wait to see more! She's beautiful!

  14. How wonderful to still have that pretty little cardigan, what a treasure.
    She is a gorgeous baby, mind you, one's grandaughters are always lovely. I have four!

  15. How perfectly beautiful !! and Maelyn is a very fittingly beautiful name! I love it !

  16. This was so precious to read and see the two babies side by side one now a mother of the other! Isn't life beautful?


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