Monday, October 20, 2008

of coons and cones...

Surprise...we had sunshine over the weekend...despite the predictions of the weatherman, who told us to expect mostly clouds and showers.

There's nothing like a little sun to bring out the true colours of the leaves in the plot of red sunset maples just down the road!

We particiapted in a fund-raiser for a local food bank on Saturday...held at Birchwood Dairy. Birchwood not only produces their own milk...but makes the best ice-cream in the valley.

It's quite impossible to spend time at Birchwood, without having a cone. There's nothing like bubblegum ice-cream...

...according to Ryder! Grammy's pick is always black raspberry cheesecake ice-cream in a waffle cone.

A few weeks back, as we were harvesting corn in a field we rent from a neighbour...he mentioned that he had a pet raccoon...and maybe we would want to bring the grandkids by sometime.

Bill rescued a baby raccoon about six months ago, when it got separated from it's litter. Rocky now thinks Bill is 'dad' and follows him everywhere.
He is not used to strangers and was rather anxious to get off his leash and into his pen when we were there. He quite enjoys catfood, dogfood and fish...which Bill seems to have a ready supply of.

It was a lovely weekend! We celebrated birthdays, hosted family, and enjoyed beautiful fall weather...perfect for coons and cones.

And now it's Monday...have a great week!


  1. I'm enjoying the new pics of your grands on the sidebar! So adorable...

    Oh, I've never even heard of your favorite flavor of ice cream, but it sure sounds yummilicious.

    Those maples all crimson against that mountain...spectacular!

  2. Oh, to enjoy the sun and the kids outdoors on this last weekend.
    It was absolutely gorgeous...and I love that racoon.
    Guess Grammy will have a new project soon. A Petting Zoo!!

  3. That pet coon would amuse my hubby and the cone would call my name. What is it about kids and bubble gum icecream? I see them in the mall all the time and chuckle as Moms are trying desperately to keep the blue drips from landing where they shouldn't. I too choose the more gourmet flavors. Kathy

  4. Love the red maples..gorgeous!!
    Black raspberry cheesecake ice, I'd be having one of those too!
    Not too sure about having a raccoon for a pet though! They can be nasty critters..hehe

  5. oh I can't wait for the field trips to begin. The kids have a ball with you whatever you do.
    Now I'm hungry for an icecream cone. I'm with you on the flavour. . .good pick.
    Your picture of the maple grove is just glorious. We are blessed with the pleasure of such beautiful colors this season.

  6. a pet coon....amazing. We have had a family of coons almost every year 'visit' our back screen door. Luckily we keep garbage tucked away and no real tubers inthe yard to attract them so no harm done in their nightly visits. I love opening the curtains to see five sets of eyes glowing as they gaze from their tightrope walking on the back fence....a twenty foot drop to the creek below!

    Nice the trees, cones, coons and wow...a charity in the sun...must have been a great fulfilling weekend for all

  7. Hi Judy

    So much in this post to enjoy!

    The red maples are so pretty, your grandkids are really enjoying their cones, and I never heard of bubble gum flavor! mY favorite flavot ice cream is coffee, followed by mint chocolate chip!

    The racoon is cute! I'm glad Bill rescued him.

    We loved our Canadain cruise! The people were so nice wherever we went and Newfoundland reminded me of Ireland. The best lobster we ever ate was in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton was gorgeous and Quebec had so much history and architectural beauty! I'd love to re-visit each place again someday. I hadn't looked at those photos in awhile and so many good memories came back to me too!

  8. Those trees just take by breath away. Wow!

    One of my cousins adopted a squirrel that fell out of the nest. It was so cute. I have to confess that I am just a big ole wienie when it comes to animals. I think it may stem from always living in the city, but I do love dogs.

  9. That yummy ice cream is making me hungry. Those beautiful red trees are so colorful. I must say your grandbabies on the sidebar are so adorable. I have never heard of a pet raccoon,but I guess it's cool. I'll bet it's really cool up your way because it's getting chilly way down here.

  10. A pet raccoon!! I just laughed and laughed at those cute photos. We are trying to figure out how to keep the local raccoons out of our apples in the garage--it never occurred to me to put a leash on one! A pleasure as always! Happy Fall ~Kathy

  11. Beautiful photos. The red maples were spectacular!
    I've NEVER seen a coon on a harness before--what a sight!
    Our highschool biology teacher kept one in a large walk-in pen in the classroom and we each had to take turns going into the pen and bonding with the coon--it was amazing how dog like they are--their little hands are always busy and they're quite the little thieves!


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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson